Ryan Moran

Decolonizing the library

Canada’s first-ever Associate University Librarian—Reconciliation Ry Moran will partner with Indigenous communities to help preserve and sustain Indigenous knowledge.

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Nathan Lachowsky

Physical distance impact on GBQT2+ men

How communities emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with health and well-being intact is a key question for a UVic researcher, who is studying ways isolation has impacted gay, bisexual, queer, trans and Two Spirit (GBQT2+) men in Canada.

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cyclists on a street in Copenhagen

Field school on a cargo bike

UVic Geographer Cam Owens shifted the international field school Sustainable Cities online and students loved it.

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Maya Seymour

Donors make a difference during COVID-19

Close to 2,000 students received the COVID-19 Support Bursary between March and June, 2020. Three students tell us how the bursary made a difference for them.

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Michael Reed in front of Christ Church Cathedral

Medieval course features virtual tours

Faced with an online classroom, Adjunct Assistant Professor Michael Reed created a series of on-site videos that feature Victoria's medieval architecture with him as a guide.

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Ralph Evins

Building energy efficiency

UVic civil engineering professor Ralph Evins is using machine learning to design energy-efficient buildings that don’t yet exist.

Ashley Mollison

Four UVic Vanier scholars

Four UVic graduate students are named Vanier Canada Graduate Scholars for demonstrating leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement. Each will receive $50,000 in funding over three years.

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Adam Sherk

Drinking within guidelines still risky

Will following Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines insulate you from harm? Maybe not, according to new research from UVic’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR).

The Ring

New COVID-19 screening

Canadian Foundation for Innovation

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