More extreme weather projected

In a warming world, most extreme weather events become even more extreme. Extremes that once happened every 50 years begin to happen more often.


Flash of inspiration

Alumni Bryce Jones (BSc ’16) and Angelique Ahlstrom (BA ’15, MA ’17) are part of a team growing a drone reforestation company to help in the battle against climate change.

The Torch
Ben Pelto tows a radar on the Nordic Glacier with friend

Canada Columbia glaciers big but at risk

Research in Canada's Columbia Basin shows that the glaciers that supply the Columbia River with meltwater are 38 per cent thicker than previously thought, but this won't offer much of a lifeline against melt due to climate change.

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Katie Martens golfs

Student-athletes make honour roll, break record

101 UVic student-athletes were named Vikes Honour Roll recipients, breaking the record set in 2016-17. Katie Martens and Samuel Seshadri received the Provost Award for highest GPA.

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Agamemnon A. Kasapi with his wife Eleni at Willows Beach

New gift honours shared values

In honour of Agamemnon Kasapi, his family has established a new $1M endowment at UVic to fund two student awards.

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Bernie Pauly

Alcohol harm reduction is saving lives

While MAPs largely flew under the radar for years, the COVID-19 crisis has led to a surge in interest, with new programs opening up across the country.

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Melanie Clapham sets up a camera trap to record individual grizzly bears for research and monitoring

BearID for identifying grizzlies

A new method of AI called deep learning was developed by UVic researchers and private software engineers to detect and identify individual grizzly bears from photographs.

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Tom Gleeson

Hydrologist awarded President's Chair

Tom Gleeson’s far-reaching contributions to groundwater research and sustainability have earned him a prestigious President’s Chair—the highest academic honour UVic can bestow on a faculty member.

The Ring

Experts on federal climate Bill C-12

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Training facial recognition on furry friends: Bears

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