Julian J. Lum

Immunity’s battle against cancer

UVic researchers have made a discovery that will help them use gene-engineering technology to help harness the body’s immune system to fight ovarian cancer.

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Michael Abe

Day in the Life: Michael Abe

Mike Abe, project manager for Landscapes of Injustice, describes his work as "filling in the blanks of the silence."

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Kevin Hall

Impressions of my first 50 days

UVic President Kevin Hall reflects on his first UVic town hall event, the campus and local community, and his upcoming listening tour in a new UVic News post.

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bench in Finnerty Gardens

In remembrance of Emma and John

A memorial bench is in place in the heart of Finnerty Gardens as a quiet place of reflection in remembrance of biology undergrads Emma Machado and John Geerdes, who passed away in a tragic bus accident on the road to Bamfield.

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Mackenzie Rigg runs drills with girlfriend Trinity Kettyls, UVic nursing student and Vikes women's soccer player, in a fundraiser initiated by student athletes for the Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada in Rigg’s honour. Credit: Armando Tura/APShutter.com

This year's list goes to 11

As UVic looks ahead to 2021, we’re reflecting back on a year like no other. Here are just a few of the many stories that helped shape 12 months of news about our projects, people, ideas, creativity and research.

Top newsmakers of 2020
Brett Jameson kneels on a beach at the edge of the ocean.

Oceans link to climate change

UVic PhD student Brett Jameson is exploring where nitrous oxide comes from.

Oceans produce N2O. Is that a problem?
scuba diver with coral reefs

Coral recovery offers new hope

UVic biologists have discovered how some corals managed to survive a globally unprecedented heatwave, in a first-ever study that provides new hope for the long-term survival of coral reefs in the face of climate change.

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More extreme weather projected

In a warming world, most extreme weather events become even more extreme. Extremes that once happened every 50 years begin to happen more often.


Experts on US Capitol riots

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