distinguished alumni

Great grads

Thirteen members of the alumni community have been selected by their faculties to receive UVic Distinguished Alumni Award pins (above), honouring the vital impact of alumni in their communities and careers.

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UVic night in Seattle

UVic hits the road with President Jamie Cassels and Mealshare founders (and Gustavson School of Business alumni) Derek Juno and Andrew Hall hosting an April 20 gathering in the Emerald City.


Love to stay connected

Check out the many ways to stat connected with UVic.

Destress Fest

Help for the dog days of school work

The UVic Alumni Association and the Student Ambassadors are proud to team-up for Destress Fest 2017 in March.


It started in the library

They met in the McPherson Library just a year after UVic opened in 1963. Alumni Corol and Rupee Pallan have basically been together ever since.

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Connect. Learn. Remember.

The important role of alumni in the life of the University of Victoria can be expressed in a lot of ways. By maintaining connections, taking advantage of opportunities to learn, and by keeping our UVic memories close to our hearts, alumni are part of the past, present and future of the university.

The UVic Alumni Association, with the help of Alumni Relations staff, help to keep strong bonds between UVic and its the worldwide community of graduates by offering an exciting and growing program of services.