Research areas

Mazumder examining water
Dr. Asit Mazumder is a world leader in tracking the sources of chemical and microbial contamination of water.

Our faculty, research technicians, students and staff are engaged in a wide variety of research programs.

Research areas:

Biomedical Research and Genomics:

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Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology:

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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Environmental Biology

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Forest Biology

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Marine Science

  • Julia Baum ecology, evolutionary biology and marine biology
  • John Dower oceanography, ecology, fisheries
  • Rana El-Sabaawi ecology and evolutionary biology, marine science, organismal biology and physiology
  • Francis Juanes ecology, behaviour, fisheries, conservation
  • Kim Juniper marine ecosystems, global change
  • Ben Koop genomics and evolution
  • Asit Mazumder ecosystem and watershed ecology of freshwater and marine ecosystems
  • Louise Page evolution, phylogeny, and development
  • Verena Tunnicliffe marine communities, hydrothermal vents
  • Diana Varela biological oceanography, phytoplankton eco-physiology, nutrient cycling
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  • Gautam Awatramani synaptic physiology, multi-photon imaging, retina, optogenetics
  • Craig Brown neurobiology, experience-dependent plasticity, somatosensory systems, in vivo brain imaging
  • Bob Chow developmental biology, neurobiology, molecular genetics
  • Brian Christie hippocampus, learning and memory, concussion
  • Kerry Delaney neurobiology, synaptic physiology, neuroimaging
  • Patrick Nahirney synaptic ultrastructure, myogenesis and electron microscopy
  • Raad Nashmi neurobiology, synaptic transmission, nicotinic receptors, nicotine addiction
  • Leigh-Anne Swayne ion channels: molecular determinants of health and disease, neurogenesis
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Organismal Biology and Physiology

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