Dr. Julia Baum

Dr. Julia Baum
Office: PCH 116b
Area of expertise

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Environmental Biology | Marine Science

Areas of research focus

  • Marine ecology and conservation
  • Coral reefs
  • Climate change
  • Sharks
  • Macroecology
Julia Baum studies the resilience of marine ecosystems in the face of human disturbance. Her research focuses on their ecology and conservation, investigating how disruptions such as climate change are altering these ecosystems, and if and how they'll recover.

Research in the Baum Lab is motivated by a fundamental desire to understand how human impacts are changing our oceans. We are currently investigating how climate change and other anthropogenic stressors are altering the diversity, structure, and resilience of marine ecosystems.

We focus primarily on tropical coral reefs, and do so using a suite of approaches including statistical models of large observational data sets, field observations and experiments, molecular analyses and bioinformatics, stable isotope analyses, interviews, and meta-analyses. Our research spans across broad temporal and spatial scales, incorporates principles from population, community and ecosystem ecology, conservation science, and fisheries science and is highly collaborative.

We are committed to open science, enhancing equity in science, and outreach to the public and policy-makers. Our overarching goal is to make scientific discoveries that advance understanding of oceanic ecosystems, and inform and inspire effective solutions for their conservation.

Baum Lab |

  • BIOL 370 Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 462 Community and Ecosystem Ecology

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