Contact information

Dr. Geraldine Allen, Professor and Curator of the Herbarium
systematics, evolution of flowering plants


Dr. Brad Anholt, Professor
population and community ecology


Dr. Gautam Awatramani, Associate Professor, CRC Tier II in Synaptic Physiology
synaptic physiology, multi-photon imaging, retina, optogenetics


Dr. Julia Baum, Associate Professor
marine ecology, conservation biology, macroecology

Image Dr. Greg Beaulieu, Associate Teaching Professor

Dr. Doug Briant, Associate Teaching Professor


Dr. Bob Chow, Associate Professor
neurobiology, molecular genetics

Image Dr. Francis Choy, Professor
molecular biology, lysosomal enzymes
Image Dr. C. Peter Constabel, Professor and Director of Centre for Forest Biology
molecular biology, tree herbivore defense
Image Dr. Kerry Delaney, Professor
neurobiology, synaptic physiology, neuroimaging
Image Dr. John Dower, Professor
oceanography, ecology, fisheries
Image Dr. Barbara Ehlting, Assistant Teaching Professor
Image Dr. Juergen Ehlting, Associate Professor
functional genomics, plant natural product biosynthesis
Image Dr. Rana El-Sabaawi, Associate Professor
ecology and evolutionary biology, marine science, organismal biology and physiology
Image Dr. Barbara Hawkins, Professor and Chair of the Department
tree seedling physiology

Dr. Ryan Gawryluk, Assistant Professor
diversity, metabolism, evolution of eukaryotes, genomic conflict

Image Dr. William Hintz, Professor
fungal genetics, molecular biology
Image Dr. Francis Juanes, Professor, Liber Ero Chair in Fisheries Research
ecology, behaviour, fisheries, conservation
Image Dr. Kim Juniper, Professor and BC Leadership Chair in Marine Ecosystems and Global Change
marine ecosystems, global change
Image Dr. Ben Koop, Professor, CRC Tier I Chair in Genomics and Molecular Biology
genomics and evolution
Image Dr. Terri Lacourse, Associate Professor
plant paleoecology, palynology, Earth systems ecology
Image Dr. Asit Mazumder, Professor
ecosystem and watershed ecology of freshwater and marine ecosystems
Image Dr. Raad Nashmi, Associate Professor
neurobiology, synaptic transmission, nicotinic receptors, nicotine addiction
Image Dr. Louise Page, Associate Professor
evolution, phylogeny, and development
Image Dr. Steve Perlman, Professor
host-parasite evolution and ecology, entomology
Image Dr. Tom Reimchen, Assistant Teaching Professor
Image Dr. Réal Roy, Assistant Professor
ecology, freshwater, microbial systems
Image Dr. John Taylor, Associate Professor
comparative genomics, molecular evolution
Image Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe, Professor, CRC Tier I in Deep Ocean Research
marine communities, hydrothermal vents
Image Dr. Diana Varela, Professor
marine biogeochemistry and ecological physiology of phytoplankton
Image Dr. Patrick von Aderkas, Professor
 gymnosperm reproduction

Limited term faculty

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Dr. Craig Brown, Island Medical Program


Dr. Brian Christie, Island Medical Program


Dr. Patrick Nahirney, Island Medical Program
anatomy & histology