Research centres and groups

Underwater research tools
UVic’s Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) manages the world’s most advanced cabled ocean observatories off BC and in the Arctic, providing data to support decisions on marine and public safety, biodiversity and ocean change.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre provides year-round research facilities, basic and specialty equipment, and technical assistance to scientists from the five western Canadian universities as well as visiting scientists from other Canadian and international institutions. BMSC offers unparalleled access to a wide array of environments - including unique coastal, marine and rainforest habitats and exceptional species diversity.

Centre for Biomedical Research

Centre for Biomedical Research

Centre for Forest Biology

The Centre for Forest Biology carries out fundamental and applied research and trains graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in Forest Biology, emphasizing the adaptation of trees and their interactions with the environment. Faculty members collaborate and work in close association with scientists from Forestry Canada at Pacific Forestry Centre (PFC) and the BC Ministry of Forests and Range (MoFR) Research Branch. FORB has recently been awarded an NSERC CREATE grant. Learn more.


Ecology@UVic is a campus-wide group, formed in the spring of 2012. Our goal is to unite ecologists across campus, providing a forum that fosters discussion, problem-solving and collaboration, and culminates in outstanding ecological research. We hold an ecology journal club every other Thursday at noon, which is open to all faculty, researchers, post-docs and graduate students.

Environmental Management of Drinking Water

The goal of the Environmental Management of Drinking Water program is to provide limnological and ecological expertise and information to water utilities in order that they can make environmentally sound management decisions to preserve the quality of their source water.

Neuroscience group

The Neuroscience Group at UVic includes faculty members, graduate students and postdocs in the Departments of Biology, Biochemistry/Microbiology and Division of Medical Sciences. A wide variety of interests is represented, ranging from synaptic function and plasticity, neurodevelopment, learning and memory, sensory biology, neuronal disease and evolution.

Ocean Networks Canada

The VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada cabled networks comprise a world-leading ocean observatory. In 2007, Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) was established by UVic to oversee the management, development and operations. A federal centre of excellence for commercialization and research the ONC Centre for Enterprise and Engagement (ONCCEE) was added in 2009 to strengthen the technology development and outreach programs.

Salmon Genomics

The consortium for Genomics Research on All Salmon Project (cGRASP) is a Genome Canada funded project in the category of fisheries; one of the five areas identified as having strategic importance for this country and one in which we can be a world leader.