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Indigenizing brain injury program

Undergraduate student Lauren Aimoe (Faulkner), who is from the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation and Métis Nation BC, is completing a summer internship with Dr. Brian Christie in the Division of Medical Sciences. Along with gaining some lab-based research experience, Lauren has mainly focused on making the Student Head Injury Neuro Education (SHINE) program more inclusive and accessible for Indigenous students.

Aspiration 2030 post-doctoral fellows

During his two-year fellowship, Dr. Adriano Chaves (Tremblay Lab) will investigate new approaches, centered on microglia, to promote synaptic plasticity and treat depression. Adriano is the second UVic Aspiration 2030 post-doctoral fellow to join the Division. Dr. Crystal Acosta (Christie Lab) began her work on understanding how maternal alcohol and/or cannabis consumption affects prenatal brain development in 2022.