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Swayne-Murai review on astrocyte diversity and cellular crosstalk

Dr. Leigh E. Wicki-Stordeur (research associate, Swayne Lab) and Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne, together with Montreal-based researchers Dr. Alexandra Schober and Dr. Keith Murai, recently published a review article in Trends in Neurosciences on astrocyte diversity development and cellular crosstalk. This review is part of a new collaboration between the Swayne Lab and the Murai Lab at McGill University.

Researching youth concussion education

Concussion puts tens of thousands of Canadian youth at risk for short- and long-term neuropsychological impairments and mental health problems each year. To help avoid these serious outcomes, members of the MEDS 490 directed studies class developed a presentation on the basics of concussion for local high school students. Jamie Morrison and Madison Yanish (Christie Lab) studied the effectiveness of the program.