Division of Medical Sciences

Swayne in a lab

Growing new neurons to heal injured brains

Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne's neuroscience research reveals that injuries to the brain trigger the creation of new cells, which migrate to the site of the injury. Find out more in this knowlEDGE publication.

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Dr. Christie working with a varsity athlete using the Neurotracker program

Concussion Research

Dr. Christie is shown working with a young varsity athlete using the Neurotracker program. Dr. Christie is researching whether using visual-spatial stimuli may provide a more accurate way to assess athletes following a concussion and provide a quantitative measure of their return to play status.

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Dr. Craig Brown

Medical research to help communities

The Division of Medical Sciences is involved in leading-edge neuroscience research that will assist communities in addressing their health needs.

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Jessica Nathan

Graduate studies

We are involved in interdisciplinary research and teaching related to medical education. Our main focus is on graduate studies (MSc and PhD).

Dr. Patrick Nahirney

Award winning faculty

Learn about our neuroscience faculty members—their publications, research, grants—and find contact information for an individual.

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Stephanie Willerth using a microscope

Cells of hope

Stem cells hold tremendous promise for treating disease. But first we need to understand how they work. Find out more about our research.

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Medical Sciences

The Division of Medical Sciences was established to promote scholarship and innovation in medical education at the University of Victoria and to support the university's ongoing commitment to an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to health research.

Our academic and research structure underpins the Island Medical Program, part of the UBC MD Undergraduate Program.

Partnering with other UVic departments and research centres, we are contributing to breakthroughs in medical sciences that will impact the prevention and treatment of cancer, neurological disorders and diseases, genetic disorders, and other medical conditions.

Neuroscience at UVic

Learn about UVic's first interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neuroscience.