Danu Anthony Stinson

Danu Anthony Stinson
Associate Professor

PhD 2007 (University of Waterloo) joined Department in 2010

Office: COR A272

How do people evaluate their social worth, and how do such feelings relate to other aspects of the self? Why do some people blithely pursue new social bonds whereas other people forgo such opportunities? Do people’s strategies for coping with the threat of rejection influence their health and well-being? My program of research seeks to answer these and other important questions by examining the ways in which important aspects of the self – such as self-esteem and perceived regard – regulate perceptions of, and reactions to, real and anticipated acceptance or rejection. Ultimately, my research seeks to identify the consequences of different regulatory strategies for people’s psychological, social, and physical well-being.


  • Social psychology, interpersonal relationships and the self

Selected publications

Hoplock, L.B., Stinson, D.A., Marigold, D.C., & Fisher, A.N. (2018). Self-Esteem, epistemic needs, and responses to social feedback. Self and Identity, DOI: 10.1080/15298868.2018.1471414.

Stinson, D.A. & Swann, W.B. Jr. (2017). Leveraging self psychology to strengthen positive psychology: Conceptual analysis of three paths to well-being. In F. Guay, H. Marsh, D.M. McInerney, and R.G. Craven (Eds.), International Advances in Self Research, 6th Edition: Driving Positive Psychology and Well-Being. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

Stinson, D.A.,  Logel, C., Shepherd, S., & Zanna, M.P. (2011) Rewriting the self-fulfilling prophecy of social rejection: Self-affirmation improves relational security and social behavior up to 2 months later. Psychological Science, 22, 1145-1149.

Cameron, J. J., Stinson, D.A., Gaetz, R., & Balchen, S. (2010). Acceptance is in the eye of the beholder: Self-esteem and motivated perceptions of acceptance from the opposite sex. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 99, 513-529.

Stinson, D.A., Logel, C., Zanna, M.P., Holmes, J.G., Cameron, J.J., Wood, J.V., & Spencer, S.J. (2008). The cost of lower self-esteem: Testing a self-and-social-bonds model of health. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 94, 412-428.