Dr. Cindy Holmes

Dr. Cindy Holmes
Assistant Professor
School of Social Work


Office: HSD B304

Professional Information & Research Interests | Education | Selected Publications | Selected Grants and Awards

Professional Information & Research Interests

Cindy’s interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching grows out of over 25 years of community work and is informed by decolonial and anti-racist feminist, queer and trans theories, and the grassroots social justice movements from which these theories emerge.

Her research and teaching interests include:

• Violence prevention and intervention
• Critical race feminist theories of intersectionality
• Colonialism and decolonization
• Lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, trans and Two-Spirit (LGBTQ2S) wellbeing and health
• Health, place and identity
• Intergenerational storytelling and methodologies
• Participatory action research: Photovoice and arts-based research
• Discourse analysis

Cindy has worked in community organizations in the areas of anti-violence prevention and intervention, community development, counseling and advocacy, social justice education, participatory evaluation and research. Prior to joining UVIC in 2017, she completed a MSFHR Postdoctoral Fellowship and CIHR IMPART Postdoctoral Fellowship in the area of gender, violence and mental health in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and a Postdoctoral Fellowship on family violence at the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health at the University of Northern British Columbia. Cindy has taught at the University of British Columbia in the School of Social Work, the School of Nursing, the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice in Vancouver BC; and at Simon Fraser University in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in Burnaby BC. She is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

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PhD (Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Work, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Human Geography, Sociology) University of British Columbia, 2013
MA (Sociology and Equity Studies in Education) OISE/University of Toronto, 2000
BA (Religious Studies: Studies in Personality and Religion) University of Waterloo, 1990

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Craig, K., Holmes, C., Hudspith, M., Moor, G., Moosa-Mitha, M., Varcoe, C., & Wallace, B. (Accepted and Forthcoming). Pain in persons who are marginalized by social conditions. Pain: The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain
  • Pullen Sansfaçon, A., Holmes, C., Suerich-Gulick, F., Feder, S., Lawson, M., Ducharme, J., Ghosh, S., Temple Newhook, J. (2019). Parents’ journeys to acceptance and support of gender diverse and trans children and youth. The Journal of Family Issues.
  • Pullen Sansfaçon, A., Temple Newhook, J., Suerich-Gulick, F., Feder, S., Lawson, M., Ducharme, J., Ghosh, S., Holmes, C. (2019). The experiences of gender diverse and trans children and youth considering and initiating medical interventions in Canadian gender-affirming speciality clinics. International Journal of Transgenderism.
  • Winters, K., Temple Newhook, J., Pyne, J., Feder, S., Jamieson, A., Holmes, C., Sinnott, ML., Pickett, S., Tosh, J. (2018). Learning to listen to trans and gender diverse children: A response to Zucker (2018) and Steensma and Cohen-Kettenis, International Journal of Transgenderism, 19 (2), 246-250.
  • Temple Newhook, J., Pyne, J., Winters, K., Feder, S., Holmes, C., Tosh, J., Sinnott, ML., Jamieson, A., Pickett, S. (2018). A critical commentary on follow-up studies and “desistance” theories about transgender and gender-nonconforming children, International Journal of Transgenderism, 19 (2), 212-224.
  • Temple Newhook, J., Winters, K., Pyne, J., Jamieson, A., Holmes, C., Feder, S., Pickett, S. & Sinnott, M.L. (2018). Teach your parents (and providers) well: A call for re-focus on the health of trans and gender diverse children. Canadian Family Physician, 64 (5), 332-335.
  • Holmes, C., Hunt, S. & Piedalue, S. (2015). Violence, colonialism and space: A decolonizing dialogue. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies.
  • Hunt, S. & Holmes, C. (2015). Everyday decolonization: Living a decolonizing queer politics. Journal of Lesbian Studies 19, 154-172.
  • Manning, K., Holmes, C., Pullen-Sansfaçon, A., Temple Newhook, J. and Travers, A. (2015) Fighting for trans* kids: Academic parent activism in the 21st century. Studies in Social Justice: Special Issue on “Scholarship and Activism” 9 (1), 118-135.
  • Michalak, E., Hole, R., Holmes, C., Velyvis, V., Austin, J., Pesut, B., Hou, S. (2012). "Recovery is such a huge word’: Understandings of 'recovery' in people with bipolar disorder and implications for psychiatric care. The Psychiatric Annals 42(5), 173-178.
  • Holmes, C. (2009). Destabilizing homonormativity and the public/private divide in lesbian domestic violence discourses. Gender, Place and Culture, 16 (1), 77-96.

Book Chapters

  • Hunt, S. & Holmes, C. (2018). Invited reprint of “Everyday decolonization: Living a decolonizing queer politics”. In Das Gupta, T., James, C., Maaka, R., Galabuzi, G.E., and Andersen, C. (Eds.) Race and Racialization, Second Edition (pp. 188-195). Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.
  • Holmes, C. (2016). Exploring the intersections between violence, place and mental health in the lives of trans and gender nonconforming people in Canada. In M. Giesbrecht and V. Crooks (Eds.) Place, Health and Diversity: Learning from the Canadian Perspective (pp. 53-75). New York: Routledge.
  • Holmes, C. (2011). Troubling normalcy: Examining constructions of healthy relationships in lesbian domestic violence prevention. In J.L. Ristock (Ed.), Intimate partner violence in LGBTQ lives (pp. 209-231). New York: Routledge.
  • Holmes, C. & Fleming, A. (2009). The move. In R. Epstein (Ed.) Who’s your daddy? And other writings on queer parenting (pp. 251-261). Toronto: Sumach Press.

Peer Reviewed Reports

  • Holmes, C. & Hunt, S. (2017). Indigenous communities and family violence: Changing the conversation. Commissioned by the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health for national distribution (Public Health Agency of Canada).

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Selected Grants & Awards

  • Celebrating Resistance through Intergenerational Storytelling: Decolonial Participatory Research with Two-Spirit, Trans, Non-binary and Gender Diverse Children, Youth, Seniors and Elders. Principal Investigator: Cindy Holmes (UVIC). Lead Researcher – Partnering Organization: Lorraine Grieves (Trans Care BC); Team Members: Jeff Ansloos (OISE/UT); Sarah Hunt (UBC); Jake Pyne (University of Guelph); Bon Fabian (Urban Native Youth Association); Chase Willier (Photovoice Research Project); Quinn Bennett (Trans Care BC); Kyle Shaughnessy (Community Consultant); Jean Baptiste (Trans Care BC); Alyx MacAdams (MSW student); Finn Gareau (Nurse Practitioner). Funded by: Vancouver Foundation Convene Grant (Present-2020)
  • Socially marginalized populations: Adapting Pain BC’s programs and services to meet community needs. Principal Investigator: Kenneth Craig (UBC). Co-Investigators: Cindy Holmes (UVIC), Colleen Varcoe (UBC), Francine Darroch (UBC), Sharalyn Jordan (SFU). Maria Hudspith, Nicki Kahnamoui (Pain BC). Funded by a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (present-2019).
  • EQUIP for pain: Enhancing the capacity of primary health care providers in BC in the provision of equitable health services for people living in pain in marginalized conditions in BC. Co-Leads: Kenneth Craig (UBC), Colleen Varcoe (UBC), Cindy Holmes (UVIC), Francine Darroch (UBC), Sharalyn Jordan (SFU). Research User Co-Leads: Maria Hudspith (Pain BC), Nicki Kahnamoui (Pain BC). Funded by: MSFHR-funded Convening and Collaborating Award (present-2019).
  • The emergence of the transgender child: Parent politics and social change. Principal Investigator: Jennifer Dyer (Memorial). Co-Investigators: Cindy Holmes, Julia Temple-Newhook, Kimberly Manning, Annie Pulllen Sansfaçon, Jennifer Davis, Sarah R. Pickett. Funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant (present-2021).
  • Transgender youth in clinical care: A pan-Canadian cohort study of medical, social and family outcomes. Principal Investigator: Greta Bauer (Western); Co-PI: Margaret Lawson (Ottawa); Co-Investigators: Herbert Bonifacio, Bob Couch, Jen Ducharme, Stephen Feder, Shuvo Ghosh, Loralee Gillis, Cindy Holmes, Carys Massarella, Daniel Metzger, Arati Mokashi, Danièle Pacaud, Annie Pullen Sansfaçon, Jake Pyne, Joe Raiche, Kathy Nixon Speechley, Françoise Susset. Collaborators: Lorraine Gale, Simon Trepel. Funding: CIHR Project Scheme Grant (present - 2021). http://transyouthcan.ca/ 
  • Transgender children and youth in clinical care: A qualitative investigation of trans youth and family well-being. Principal Investigator: Annie Pullen Sansfaçon (Social Work, UQAM); Co-Investigators: Greta Bauer, Jenifer Ducharme, Stephen Feder, Shuvo Ghosh, Loralee Gillis, Margaret Lawson, Cindy Holmes, Edward Woo Jin Lee, Jake Pyne, Kathy Speechley, Françoise Susset, Julia Temple Newhook; Collaborators: Lorraine Gale, Kimberley Manning, Simon Trepel, Melissa Vloet. Funding: CIHR Project Scheme Grant (present –2019).

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Recent Courses Taught

  • SOCW 312 - Collaborative Conversations
  • SOCW 319 - Research for Social Change
  • SOCW 400 - Social Work in the Health Care Sector
  • SOCW 304 - Social Work Practicum I
  • SOCW 402 - Social Work Practicum II
  • SOCW 516 - Research Methodologies 

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