Adjunct and Emeritus faculty

Lena DominelliLena Dominelli, Adjunct Professor
BA (Simon Fraser), MA, PhD (Sussex)
: 250-721-8036 (General Office)

Barbara M. Herringer, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA (Alberta), BSW, MSW (British Columbia), PhD (Victoria)

Methodology; women's health; HIV/AIDS; marginalization

Phone: 250-721-8036 (General Office)

Margaret Kovach, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, BSW (Regina), MSW (Carleton), PhD (Victoria)
Phone: 250-721-8036 (General Office)

June PrestonJune Preston, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, MSW (Calgary)

Retired, Director, Family Education Services, VIHA, located, Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health, managing parenting education programs, specialized services and support for parents: pre/post natal; preterm infants, postpartum support, grief counseling, post-adoption support and respite care.

Board experience: Oak Bay Police Board; BC Council for Families; Adoption Council of Canada and Member, Board Development Program, United Way; Life Lay Bencher, Law Society of BC

Community Social Services Network/Education: Member, Coordinating Committee, Greater Victoria Association of Family Serving Agencies (AFSA) hosting workshops / conferences, through collaboration between staff of nonprofit health and social services agencies, Government and University of Victoria.

Phone: 250-598-1343

Catherine Richardson, Adjunct Associate ProfessorCathy Richardson
BA (UVic), PDPP (UVic), Masters of Education (UVic), PhD (UVic)
Phone: 250-721-8036 (General Office)

Deborah Rutman, Adjunct Associate Professor
BSc (University of Toronto), MA (University of Toronto), PhD (University of Toronto)
Phone: 250-721-8202


Andrew Armitage

Andrew Armitage
BSc (London), BA (Canterbury), MSW (British Columbia), PhD (Bristol), Professor Emeritus.

Social policy, child welfare policy and practice, Aboriginal policy, international comparative social policy, administration and management, and social work education.

Leslie BrownLeslie Brown
PhD (University of Victoria)

Research Methods (most particularly critical qualitative approaches), Community Development, Child Welfare, Indigenous Governance and Human Services.

Phone: 250-721-8036 (General Office)

Marilyn CallahanMarilyn Callahan
BA, BSW, MSW (British Columbia), PhD (Bristol), Professor Emerita.

Child welfare, employment equity, gender discrimination

Phone: 250-472-4134

John Cossom
BA (Western Ontario), BSW, MSW (Toronto), Associate Professor Emeritus.

Andrew Farquharson
BA (Bishop’s), MSW (McGill), MEd, EdD (Toronto), Professor Emeritus.

Yvonne HaistYvonne Haist
ECE Diploma (Capilano College), BSW (University of Victoria), AdEd Diploma (UBC), M.Ed (University of Victoria), SEP (Counselling Psychology), Somatic Transformation Practitioner, Assistant Teaching Professor Emerita.


pmillerPamela Miller
BA (Maryhurst), MSW, PhD “Philosophy” (Indiana), PhD “Social Work” (Ohio), Professor Emerita.

Cheryl MVICheryl Moir-van Iersel
MSW (UBC), BA (Calgary), Assistant Teaching Professor Emerita.


David TurnerDavid Turner
LLB (Sheffield), DipSW and Admin (Oxford), Associate Professor Emeritus.

David is Associate Professor Emeritus whose research and practice interests include political ideology, advocacy, conflict resolution, human rights and social policy (child welfare and justice)and social planning. He is involved in neighbourhood development, human rights advocacy and anti-racism.


Phone: 250-721-8036 (General Office)

Barbara WhittingtonBarbara Whittington
BA, MSW (UBC), Associate Professor Emerita.


Dr. Elias Cheboud
BSW (Victoria), MSW (British Columbia), PhD (Victoria), Professor Emeritus.

Marjorie D. Martin
BA, BSW, MSW (British Columbia), Associate Professor Emerita.

Roberta Taylor
BSW, MSW (Victoria), Senior Instructor Emerita.

Dr. Brian Wharf
BA, BSW, MSW, PhD (Brandeis)