Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

BSW Students
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Completing your degree

The School is committed to working with you so that you are able to maximize your time as a UVic student, to learn from each other, your instructors and the people who you will work with as a student in our program. We recommend that you maintain regular contact with your academic advisor; they are here to help guide you through your program and are a great resource when you have questions.

Above all else, the UVic academic calendar is your contract with the university. Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities. The School has created a BSW student advising handbook that will also assist you in your course planning and provides information on how to register for courses, obtain course materials, pay tuition and much more.

We also recommend that you access your student record through My page by logging on using your Netlink ID and passphrase. My page is the student portal for class registration, student fee account information and other important information related to your academic record at UVic. You are encouraged to log onto your student record regularly throughout your studies at UVic.

The School of Social Work requires you to have a UVic Netlink email address as your preferred email address and it is essential that you check it frequently. Your UVic email address ensures secure and effective email communication with the University and the School. If you do not yet have a UVic email address, please sign up for this account.

Best wishes in your studies!