Field Education: BSW

What is Field Education?

Field Education placements are an opportunity for students to gain work experience in the social work field under the supervision of an experienced professional. Placements are completed in a wide range of community and government agencies and can usually be done in your home community. Normally students complete their field education placements in a single semester. We do, however, offer a two semester, part-time, option from September to April only. 

If you are a registered student in the School of Social Work, you can use your NetLink ID to log into the Field Education site. This site has application information, forms, and deadlines.


For general enquiries about field education, or help with accessing the Field Education site, please contact our Field Education Assistant:

Application Process

Once you are registered as a School of Social Work student, you will gain access to Field Education Hub which has application information, forms, and deadlines.

1. Visit the Field Education Hub and note the application deadline: Depending on the practicum course, an application is due 6, 8, or 12 months in advance. 2. Fill out an application: All application links are on the Field Education Hub. 3. After the application deadline: You will receive a confirmation of your successful application after all applications are processed. 4. Registration: You cannot self-register for a practicum course. The School of Social Work does this. / Soon after registration opens  you will receive an email confirming you are registered in the course. 5. Receive an email from your Field Education Coordinator with next steps: OR If you applied for SOCW 304A Prior Learning Assessment, the assessor will review your application and you will be notified if you have been accepted.