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Photo of Dr. David Scoones

Associate Professor


Office: BEC 378 250-721-6198
PhD (Queen's)
Area of expertise:
Applied Microeconomics, Microeconomic Policy, Conflict Economics


  • Microeconomics
  • Labour Economics


  • ECON 308, Economics and the Law
  • ECON 313, Intermediate Microeconomics II
  • ECON 321, The Economic History of Canada
  • ECON 327, Economic History of North America
  • ECON 350, Mathematical Economics I: An Introduction to Static Methods

Selected Publications

  • Child, T.B. and  Scoones, 2015. "Community preferences, insurgency, and the success of reconstruction spending", Defence and Peace Economics 1-19.
  • Scoones, D., "Winning Hearts and Minds: Public Good Provision in the Shadow of Insurgency", Peace Economics, Peace Science, and Public Policy 19(1):17-31.
  • Gallego, M. and  Scoones, 2011. "Intergovernmental negotiation, willingness to compromise, and voter preference reversals", Social Choice and Welfare 36(3):591-610.