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Fast-Paced BA in Economics

This program will assist you to go through your BA in Economics in 3 years rather than 4. You can informally follow this study plan to speed up graduation. The benefit you will receive being formally registered in the fast-paced program is that the department can better provide support in the form of workshops on study strategies and regular check-ins with the undergraduate advisor as well as facilitating the formation of study groups. If you are formally recognized in this program, you will take many courses with the same group of students allowing you to move through the program as a cohort.

Note: any student who falls behind completing the required credit units in the fast-paced program has every opportunity to complete their BA in Economics at their own pace.


In order to be eligible to apply to the fast-paced program, you must meet the following criteria:

In your first two terms--Term 1 (fall) and Term 2 (spring):

  • you are on track to successfully complete 15 credit units overall
  • you are on track to successfully complete Econ 103, Econ 104, AWR, and one of Math 100/102/109
  • you are available to take between 3 to 4 summer courses in 3 consecutive years

How to apply

Acceptance in the program is handled towards the end of the second term as there is some flexibility in which order you would take courses in your first two terms. 

To apply, you must send an email to between February 1-15 in your second term with the subject line “application to fast-paced BA program.” In the body of the email, explain why you are interested in the program and give permission to the department to access your administrative transcript. To this end, you will be required to provide your full name and UVic student ID number in your application email.

Upon acceptance in the program, you will receive priority registration for Economics courses offered in the summer and subsequent terms. Since the fast-paced and the regular BA program have the same program requirements, if do not meet the 15 credit units completion requirement by end of April of your second term, you will just continue as a regular BA student.

Remaining in the program

The fast-paced program would evaluate your progress every spring, and provides breaks in the first two summers: July-August in first summer and May-June in second summer. You would complete your program after your 3rd summer session. You could finish in April of your third year, but would need to take more than the recommended credit units (6 in total) spread across your previous terms to do so.

Course sequence

This is the recommended sequence to move through the program. Courses with an asterisk (*) mean that they must be taken in the particular year either in fall or spring, but not in summer to stay in the program. Courses with two asterisk (**) means they have to be taken in a particular term and no later.

Fast-Paced Program BA Economics
Year Term Courses
Year 1 Term 1 (fall) 5 courses: Math 102 (or Math 109, or Math 100)*, Econ 103*, Econ 104*, AWR*, 1 Elective
Year 1 Term 2 (spring) 5 courses: Econ 203, Econ 245, 1 Social Science Course, 2 Electives
Year 1 Term 3 (summer) 3 courses: Econ 225**, Econ 204, 1 Elective
Year 2 Term 1 (fall) 5 courses: Econ 313*, Econ 321 OR Econ 327, Econ 246**, 2 Electives
Year 2 Term 2 (spring) 5 courses: Econ 345, 2 300/400 level Econ course, 2 Electives
Year 2 Term 3 (summer) 3 courses: 3 Electives
Year 3 Term 1 (fall) 5 courses: Econ 346*, 1 400 Level Econ Course, 1 Elective, 2 300/400 level Electives
Year 3 Term 2 (spring) 5 courses: 2 300/400 level Econ Courses, 1 300/400 level Econ Course OR SOCS/CE 300, 1 300/400 level Electives, 1 Electives
Year 3 Term 3 (summer) 4 courses: 1 300/400 level Electives, 3 Electives