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Economics (PhD)

Our PhD program combines strong training in core economic theory and econometrics with electives in modern areas of applied economics. The program takes about 5 years to complete following an MA degree.

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Learn everything you need to know about becoming a UVic grad student, from finding a supervisor to submitting your application.

Graduate program application FAQ

Economics PhD admission requirements

General Program Requirements

Continuous full-time registration in two or more courses (3 units), from the time of admission until degree requirements are met, is required. Register or apply for one of the following each term:

• Course credit
• Personal leave
• Parental, Compassionate or Medical leave of absence - Graduate Academic Concession form
• Co-op work term
• Formally withdraw from the program

Failure to not register in one of the above options means abandonment of your program. You will be withdrawn from the university and your program terminated. Your academic record will be notated “Withdrawn without Permission”.

Successful completion (grade B or above) of the core program (13.5 units):

  • ECON 500 (1.5 units) Microeconomic Analysis
  • ECON 501 (1.5 units) Macroeconomic Analysis
  • ECON 545 (1.5 units) Econometric Analysis
  • ECON 546 (1.5 units) Themes in Econometrics
  • ECON 551 (1.5 units) Information & Incentives
  • ECON 552 (1.5 units) Macroeconomic Issues
  • 3 Field courses (4.5 units)

Succesful completion of PhD Candidacy:

  • ECON 693
    • Comprehensive examinations
    • Successfully defended oral examination of Dissertation proposal
      • Within 30 months of enrollment

Successfuly completion of Dissertation research and oral examination:

  • ECON 699
    • Completion of dissertation 
    • Nominate external examiner
    • Dissertation oral examination

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information, prospective students are urged to consult the latest University of Victoria Calendar, or contact the Graduate Program Assistant in the Department of Economics.

Find a supervisor

When you apply:

  • you must list a potential supervisor on your application
  • this faculty member must agree to be your supervisor and recommend your admission
  • include an email from your supervisor with your application

Professors available for PhD supervision (2024-25)

Dr. Pascal Courty
Industrial organization; behavioural economics; cultural and sport economics

Dr. Donn Feir
Indigenous economics; applied microeconometrics; group-based inequality, economic history

Dr. Vasco Gabriel
Econometrics; empirical macroeconomics; climate econometrics

Dr. Rob Gillezeau
Economic history; labour economics; Indigenous economics; applied microeconomics

Dr. Alok Kumar
Macroeconomics; monetary economics; international development; emerging markets

Dr. Felix Pretis
Econometric methods; climate change; empirical environmental economics

Dr. Daniel Rondeau
Environmental and resource economics; dynamics; experimental methods

Dr. Colette Salemi
Development economics; environmental and natural resource economics

Dr. Paul Schure
Microeconomics; finance and industrial organisation; European economics

Dr. G. Cornelis van Kooten
Agricultural economics; forest economics; energy economics and climate; mathematical programming

Dr. Graham Voss
Applied macroeconomics; macro-econometrics; monetary policy; exchange rates; monetary history; measurement issues in macroeconomics

Dr. Tao Wang
Econometric theory; nonparametric statistics, machine learning

Dr. Ke Xu
Financial market microstructure; high frequency trading; capital market regulation; price discovery in fragmented markets


Every year, UVic awards $12 million to help fund graduate students through a combination of:

  • UVic fellowships and awards
  • teaching assistantships
  • research assistantships

Most of our students also receive external awards and scholarships, and financial aid and bursaries. Consideration for funding is automatic. A funding offer is normally included with an offer of admission.

Funding and employment for graduate students 


The PhD program focuses on 5 field areas:

  • econometrics
  • environmental and resource economics
  • labour economics
  • industrial organization
  • development and growth

You are required to take 3 field courses as determined by your supervisory committee. 

Course requirements

 You’ll need a grade B or above in the following courses:

Core courses Unit value
ECON 500 Microeconomic Analysis 1.5
ECON 501 Macroeconomic Analysis 1.5
ECON 545 Econometric Analysis 1.5
ECON 546 Themes in Econometrics 1.5
ECON 551 Information and Incentives 1.5
ECON 552 Macroeconomic Issues 1.5
Total 9
Field courses Unit value
ECON 500 level courses 1.5
ECON 500 level courses 1.5
ECON 500 level courses 1.5
Total 4.5
Candidacy Unit value
ECON 693 Candidacy examinations  3.0
Total 3.0
Dissertation Unit value
ECON 699 Dissertation 21.0 - 33.0
Total 21.0 - 33.0
Program unit total 37.5


UVic is home to the largest co-op graduate program in Canada. Learn about combining co-op placements with your PhD on the co-op for graduate students website.

Grad students are also eligible for the shorter work experience program.