Noémie Boulanger-Lapointe

Noémie Boulanger-Lapointe
Assistant Professor
Socio-ecological systems; spatial modelling; plurality of knowledge; tundra
Office: DTB B130

PhD (University of British Columbia)

Area of expertise

I am interested to better understand ecosystem functioning to solve applied environmental management and conservation issues. My research is interdisciplinary and thrive to create space for a multiplicity of knowledges (Indigenous, local, scientific) in a perspective of ecological and social justice. Spatial modeling is my tool of predilection which I use to synthesize complex information at the landscape to regional scale.


My current research focuses on changes in plant productivity and species composition in tundra ecosystems under the cumulative effect of wild and domesticated herbivores in Iceland. Projects are conducted in partnership with local governmental agencies and sheep farmers to inform environmental management policies.

In the past, I have notably worked on the effect of climate change on shrub colonisation and growth in the High Arctic as well as berries; their ecology, availability and use by humans and animals in the Canadian Arctic. I am an active member of the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) and the Herbivory Network (HN). As part of these activities, I am leading the compilation of an herbivore pellet identification database on iNaturalist.


Fall 2022

GEOG 328 GIS Analysis

Spring 2023

GEOG 104 Our Digital Earth

GEOG 428 Advanced Topics in GIS