Arthur Blackburn

Arthur Blackburn
Assistant Professor
Physics and Astronomy
Office: Elliott 108

PhD (Cambridge)

Area of expertise

Advanced electron microscopy

Background and research interests

Arthur Blackburn has worked in research roles since completing his PhD in the Physics Department of the University of Cambridge in 2005. Initially working within the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, investigating electronic and spintronic devices, he then moved to research topics related to electron microscopy in 2008 and progressed to Senior Research Scientist level with Hitachi. In 2015 he moved to the University of Victoria, to expand his research and its reach, and strengthen the collaboration and involvement of Hitachi High-Technologies (HHT) with research at the University of Victoria. This involvement is allowing the most to be gained from one of HHT’s most advanced electron microscopes which is housed at the University and allows fundamentally important research to be done to advance the field. This is performed within a strong and open collaborative environment at the University. HHT in Canada recognized the strong value to both their long-term commitment to advanced electron microscopy and near-term development plans given by this collaboration, through generously supporting a research chair for Dr. Blackburn at the University. He holds this while being an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, since mid-2019.