Lefebvre at the LHC
UVic physicists are partners in the world's biggest science experiment, and helped to design and build the ATLAS detector in the massive Large Hadron Collider near Geneva.

The PhD degree is a three-year program beyond the MSc level. Students aim to take five years to complete both degrees (or a total of five years in the graduate program for transfer students).

The program is research intensive with a minimal number of courses to be taken. You will need to complete the minimum number of course units, a written research thesis and oral defence. Learn about the PhD program requirements.

Candidacy exam

You will normally take a candidacy exam within the first 18 months of—and no later than two years after—your first registration in the PhD program. See full details on the candidacy exam page.

Academic advice

Contact the Graduate Advisor for questions on academic matters like course options and research possibilities.

Our Graduate Program Assistant can help with administrative and procedural matters like registration and funding.