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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Chair Byoung-Chul Choi 250-721-7698 ELL 103
Assistant to the Chair Kaitlin Gray 250-721-7698 ELL 102
General Inquiries/Office Assistant 250-721-7700 ELL 101
Administrative Officer and Registration Monica Lee-Bonar 250-721-7699 ELL 104
Graduate Advisor Pavel Kovtun ELL 110
Graduate Program Assistant Cindy Kutyn 250-721-7700 ELL 101
Undergrad Advisor: Years 1 & 2 Mark Laidlaw 250-721-7701 ELL 106
Undergrad Advisor: Years 3 & 4 Bob Kowalewski ELL 204
System Manager Rolf Seuster 250-721-7729 ELL 119
Outreach Coordinator Monica Lee-Bonar 250-721-7699 ELL 104
Laboratory Coordinator Alexander van Netten 250-721-7709 ELL 114
Physics & Astronomy Co-op Coordinator 250-721-7713 BWC A239
VISPA Office McLash Tammy 250-721-7736 ELL 119
Graduate Student Association
Physics and Astronomy, Co-op Assistnat Kandie Husband 250-721-6122 BWC A239
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Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The map below shows the surrounding area, and the most common entry points by ferry (from Vancouver or Seattle), or by air via Victoria International Airport.

Victoria Area Map

Most visitors to the department stay in downtown Victoria. Travel to downtown from the airport takes about 30 mins by taxi or shuttle. If you arrive by ferry from Seattle, a number of hotels are only a short walk from the ferry terminal. Similarly, if you are travelling on the Connector Coach from Vancouver or from the ferry, the coach station is also close to the hotels.

Travel from downtown hotels to UVic takes about 20 mins by bus or by taxi. Bus timetables and maps are available on the BC Transit website - the most useful routes are 4, 14 and the express 15. Note that you require the exact fare, which is currently $2.50 for a single journey. If you are taking a taxi, ask the driver to drop you at Parking Lot B.

The Physics and Astronomy Department is located in the Elliott Building, which is inside the main ring road visible on the campus map (the local area near Elliott is shown below). If you enter the main glass doors directly in front of Parking Lot B, the General Office (room 101) is to the right.

Elliott building

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