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Why choose science at UVic?

As a science student at UVic, you won’t just memorize facts. You'll see how the concepts you're learning can be applied to problems like diseases and climate change.

Undergraduate studies
Ian Manners

Our edge in materials science

Ian Manners, renowned for his work in molecular and materials chemistry, comes to UVic as a Canada 150 Research Chair. He joins a team of scientists who are leading the way in materials science research.

Materials science at UVic
Student with a spray bottle near a bug tank

Hands-on learning opportunities

In the lab, in the field, assisting with faculty research or at a co-op job, our students develop the strong practical skills that make learning real. Yamila Michelle Franco Peña is studying biological pest control in agriculture. 

Hands-on learning
Caroline Cameron in her lab

Research that makes an impact

Our researchers are recognized world-wide for their impact on the world’s most pressing challenges. Dr. Caroline Cameron and her lab are working on developing a syphilis vaccine.


Discover the future

Science prepares us for concepts we can’t imagine today but will shape our world tomorrow. Whether it’s working on a more potent treatment to fight cancer, developing more accurate climate prediction models or understanding the secrets of anti-matter, we're having an impact on the world.

Our six units—Biology, Biochemistry & Microbiology, Chemistry, Earth & Ocean Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, and Physics & Astronomy—will take you to the limits of human knowledge and understanding. Our research-intensive undergraduate and graduate programs allow you to work closely with internationally-renowned faculty. 

Our Dean welcomes you to join our science community.

From the atom to the universe, from the cell to the ecosystem, from the theoretical to the applied, we explore the reaches of modern science and mathematics.

Find your edge in UVic's Faculty of Science