Illustration of Manners’ research on complex nanosized particles, which have potential applications in fields such as medicine and electronics and as sensors and nanoscopic wires.

Leader in materials chemist joins UVic

Ian Manners, an internationally recognized researcher renowned for his work in molecular and materials chemistry, is UVic's first Canada 150 Research Chair. 

This image captures Manners’ research on complex nanosized particles, which have potential applications in fields such as medicine and electronics.

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Biology professor Francis Juanes with lab manager Jessica Qualley taking acoustic recordings. Credit: UVic Photo Services

Sounding the alarm on aquatic noise

“Fish understand their environment through sound,” says Cox. “Mining activities and sea vessels interfere with what they need to hear in order to thrive. The results indicate that fish are stressed and have difficulty hearing over the noise.”

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UVic researcher Christoph Borchers in Proteomics Centre

Strengthening national leadership in proteomics

Internationally recognized protein chemist and director of the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre, Christoph Borchers, is leading a new pan-Canadian proteomics research platform. 

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Diana Varela with microscopic phytoplankton

Tiny life forms, big impact

Understanding how phytoplankton interact with the environment is critical to explaining and predicting global ocean change.

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Students at Clover Point during a field studies class

Preparing for success

At UVic, every student is immersed in dynamic learning that's fuelled by research-inspired insights and personal, hands-on experiences.

Undergraduate studies
Meyers on a a boat

Co-op graduate helps preserve BC's natural world

Growing up in some of BC's most beautiful landscapes inspired biology student Keegan Meyers to develop a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Hands-on learning
Sarah Khan in a lab

Biochemistry student awarded national 3M Fellowship

"Leadership means taking a step back to observe those around you and the situation. You need to learn from that, adapt quickly and then move forward with the best plan of action."

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