Academic advising

Academic advice can help you with big choices, including choosing your program and courses. Academic advising is available from departmental advisors and from the Academic Advising Centre.

You can declare your major after competing 12 units.  Declaring your major will help you plan your program and career and gives you more opportunities to connect with UVic Science community.

Department Advisors

For advice on issues related to a specific program, department, or school, start with the undergraduate department advisor:

Advisor names and contact information arranged by department and role
Department Role Advisor
Biochemistry and Microbiology

All levels

Doug Briant
Kimberley Politano



John Burke  


1st & 2nd year advising;
waivers & transfer credits for 100- & 200- level courses

Greg Beaulieu & Barbara Ehlting 


3rd & 4th year advising;
waivers & transfer credits for 300- & 400- level courses

Greg Beaulieu, David



Barbara Hawkins & Bob Chow


All levels, Honours & Major,
all Chemistry programs

Dave Berg  

Earth and Ocean Sciences

All levels

Stan Dosso


Honours Advisor

Lucinda Leonard 

Mathematics and Statistics

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Gary MacGillivray 


Math advising

Trefor Bazett, Chris Eagle, Jill Simmons, Peter Dukes (Honours), Junling Ma (Applied Math)


Math Transfer Credits

Ian Putnam ,
Yu-Ting Chen  


Statistics All levels, Honours

Julie Zhou  


Statistics Transfer Credits

Min Tsao 

Physics and Astronomy

1st & 2nd year

Mark Laidlaw


3rd & 4th year

Bob Kowalewski

Academic Advising Centre

Connect with the Academic Advising Centre throughout your degree. They can help:

  • Explore your degree and program options
  • Discuss the flexibility available in a degree (adding a second Major or a Minor, Concentration or Option)
  • Select your courses
  • Help when life interferes with academic success
  • Plan for your degree completion and help you interpret your CAPP report
  • Explain University policies, regulations, and degree and program requirements
  • With academic concerns and provide appropriate referrals
  • Transfer students with discussing academic plans, and reviewing transfer credits 

The Academic Calendar contains information on programs, courses and academic regulations. Contact an Adviser if you need referrals or support in taking next steps or have questions about how to interpret a policy in the Academic Calendar. Unexpected life circumstances may interfere with academic success. You do not have to face difficulties on your own. Consult the Academic Advising Centre for information on drop-in times and appointments, or email  

Review of an Assigned Grade

If you believe that there has been a mistake or unfairness in the assignment of your grade, please see the Faculty of Science Procedures for Review of an Assigned Grade: Undergraduate and Graduate for advice on what to do next.
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