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Office of the Dean

In-Person and Courier Address:
University of Victoria, Faculty of Science
Elliott Building, room 166
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

Mailing Address:
University of Victoria, Faculty of Science
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2
Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Office of the Dean

Dean Hans-Peter Loock 250-721-7062 ELL 166
Associate Dean Robin Hicks 250-721-7062 ELL 166
Assistant to the Dean Valeria Bazan 250-721-7062 ELL 166
Director, Administration Igor Chetyrin 250-721-7060 ELL 166
Communications Officer Dorothy Eggenberger 250-721-8745 ELL 166


Development Officer Nicole Boulet 250-721-6102 ELL 166
Alumni Annual Giving Officer Julia Keenan 250-472-5717 ECS 631

Science Stores

Stores Supervisor Robert Iuvale 250-721-7190 PCH 168
Storekeeper Stephanie Puckett 250-472-4360 PCH 168
Storekeeper Steward Lucas 250-721-7191 PCH 168
Storekeeper Christine Rowan 250-721-8852 PCH 168
Storekeeper Ian Sandercock 250-721-5404 PCH 168
Storekeeper Kara White 250-472-8851 PCH 168


Main office Faculty Listings Staff Listings
Biochemistry and Microbiology
Deb Penner, Dept. Secretary
Petch Building, Room 207
BIOC Faculty BIOC Staff
Chantal Laliberte, Dept. Secretary
Cunningham Building, Room 202

BIOL Faculty BIOL Staff
Sandra Carlson, Dept. Secretary
Elliott Building, Room 301

CHEM Faculty CHEM Staff
Earth and Ocean Sciences
Allison Rose, Dept. Secretary
Bob Wright Centre, Room A405

SEOS Faculty SEOS Staff
Mathematics and Statistics
Elaine Cumming, Dept. Secretary
David Turpin Building, Room A425

MATH Faculty MATH Staff
Physics and Astronomy
Monica Lee-Bonar, Dept. Secretary
Elliot Building, Room 101

PHYS Faculty PHYS Staff

Undergraduate advising

Visit our academic advising page for details.

Co-op coordinators

Department Contact
Biochemistry & Microbiology 250-721-8813, PCH 190
Biology 250-721-8637, CUN 105
Chemistry 250-721-6122, ELL 119
Earth & Ocean Sciences 250-721-8649, CUN 105
Mathematics & Statistics 250-721-6122, ELL 119
Physics & Astronomy 250-721-6122, ELL 119

Graduate advising

Department and school graduate advisors normally chair admissions committees, help students plan programs and meet program requirements, and serve as the first point of contact when issues arise.
Department Email
Biochemistry & Microbiology
Earth & Ocean Systems
Mathematics & Statistics
Physics & Astronomy