Mapping the frog genome

Molecular biologist Caren Helbing has made a huge leap in identifying how environmental contaminants effect the thyroid system.

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Tiny life forms, big impact

Understanding how phytoplankton interact with the environment is critical to explaining and predicting global ocean change. 

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In search of supermassive black hole pairs

Dual AGNs have been frustratingly difficult to find, with only ten pairs confirmed after a decade of systematic searching. A discovery by a UVic astronomer has helped uncovered five new pairs in the last six months.

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Chadi Saad-Roy

Undergraduate maps path of disease transmission

Starting as an undeclared science student, Chadi Saad-Roy now graduates with an honours BSc in math and statistics, a minor in biology and the Jubilee Medal for Science.

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Sarah Khan

Biochemistry student awarded national 3M Fellowship

“Leadership means taking a step back to observe those around you and the situation. You need to learn from that, adapt quickly and then move forward with the best plan of action.”

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Field School

Preparing for success

At UVic, every student is immersed in dynamic learning that's fuelled by research-inspired insights and personal, hands-on experiences.

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Discover the future

Science prepares us for concepts we can’t imagine today, but will shape our world tomorrow. Whether it’s working on a more potent treatment to fight cancer, developing more accurate climate prediction models or understanding the secrets of anti-matter, UVic's Faculty of Science is leading the way.

Our six extraordinary units  Biology, Biochemistry & Microbiology, Chemistry, Earth & Ocean Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, and Physics & Astronomy  will take you to the limits of human knowledge and understanding. From the atom to the universe, from the cell to the ecosystem, from the theoretical to the applied, we explore the reaches of modern science and mathematics.

If you want to know what makes the world go ‘round, check out UVic Science.