Student standing on rocks near the ocean writing in a notepad

Our classroom is the great outdoors

Experience hands-on learning in the field. From lab classes identifying rocks at the beach to field schools studying the geology of the Cordilleran Mountains, the great outdoors will be your classroom.

Undergraduate studies
A large group of students standing on rocks outside listening to a professor

An unparalleled location

Our graduate students benefit from expert faculty, a world-class research community, and a wide variety of geologic, tectonic and oceanographic settings right outside our doors.

Graduate studies
Students around a green learning table

Study what you're passionate about

Interested in the earth, oceans and atmosphere? Curious about geohazards or climate change? On the south end of Vancouver Island, UVic is perfectly situated for offering a complete education in Earth System Science.

Alumna Tess Zyla looking at a rock through an eyepiece outside

Careers in earth and ocean sciences

Learn how to think scientifically, conduct research, work in labs and in the field. Alumna Tess Zyla works as an exploration geoscientist where she interprets 3D seismic data to image the subsurface.

Career possibilities