Co-op education program

You may wish to combine your academic program in SEOS with relevant and productive work experience in industry, business and government. The general concept and requirements are given in the UVic Calendar.  Students find this an exciting and motivating way to expand their learning at UVic.

Entry into the SEOS Co-operative Program is restricted to students enrolled in a Major or Honours Program in SEOS and attending the University on a full-time basis. To qualify for entry and continuation in the Co-operative Program a student must normally maintain a GPA of 5.0 in SEOS courses and a GPA of 4.5 overall. In addition to academic grades, acceptance will be based on individual interest, abilities and aptitudes, and a formal interview.

You are required to satisfactorily complete at least four Work Terms, each of which will be recorded on your academic record and transcript. You may at any time during an academic term transfer from the SEOS Co-operative Program to a regular SEOS program. Work Term Credit by Challenge, as outlined in the Calendar, is permitted in the SEOS Co-op Program.

Applications and further information concerning the Co-operative Education Program in SEOS may be obtained from the SEOS Co-op website.