EOS 491 – Introduction to Geological Remote Sensing

This course may used to satisfy SEOS graduation requirement in lieu of EOS 400.

Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, the graduation requirement of EOS 400 will be allowed to be satisfied by EOS 491 on a temporary basis.  The dates will match with the listed EOS 400 and more information about applying for admission will be available soon.

2021 dates: August 27 through September 6, inclusive.

Instructor: Dr. Ed Nissen

Co-ordinator: Duncan Johannessen

Pre-requisites: EOS 300 and 316 - strictly enforced.

Application: via webform.

Registration: An invitation to register will be sent to participating students shortly after the webform application process.

Course Description:  EOS 491 — Introduction to Geological Remote Sensing will be held from August 27th to September 6th, inclusive. It will fulfill the broader goals of EOS 400 (an understanding of the tectonics of the Canadian cordillera) but through the lens of remote sensing rather than field observations. A number of virtual lectures will introduce students to the platforms, sensors and data types commonly used in remote geological mapping. Hands-on exercises and mapping assignments will give students the chance to analyze multispectral imagery, lidar topographic data, and InSAR deformation maps. These techniques are becoming ever more prevalent in geological mapping (both in industry and academia) and so we expect these skills to be invaluable whatever your plans for after graduation.