Undergraduate B.Sc. Honours Program

What is the Honours Program?

Students in the SEOS Honours Program work with a faculty member to complete an independent research project, usually over the last year of the student's program. Most Honours degree programs also specify several additional classes or electives (see UVic calendar). All students who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to take advantage of this unique research experience, particularly those who plan to go to graduate school or pursue a career in earth, ocean, or climate sciences.

How and when to apply?

The Honours program has GPA and course load requirements for entrance, while in progress, and graduation (see UVic calendar). You may enter the Honours program any time between the end of your second year and the beginning of your last year. Apply by contacting the SEOS Honours Advisor (Lucinda Leonard). The Honours Advisor will check your eligibility and then inform the Advising Centre of your admission to the Honours program. You will then be authorized by Advising to register for EOS 499.

What about combined programs?

Students enrolled in joint programs between SEOS and other departments must meet the Honours requirements of both departments. This means that you should apply and be accepted into the Honours programs of both departments by their respective Honours advisors. However, students do their honours thesis or classes through only one department. You must also meet the sessional and graduation gpa requirements of both departments.

Honours thesis (EOS499)

Start the process of finding a supervisor for your research project early by determining which faculty have expertise in the area of your interest. Contact potential supervisors to discuss possible projects and decide a supervisor/project that fits you best. You may do your Honours thesis in any combination of terms including summer, not just the usual fall/spring.

More detailed information about the Honours Thesis is available in the EOS 499 Course Outline.

For more information, contact the 
SEOS Honours Advisor
Lucinda Leonard
Bob Wright Centre Rm 315