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Zoom - Heart to Heart Talks

Need direction for your day-to-day challenges? Take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself and discuss what 's important to you.

Industrial symbiosis: a key plank in a circular economy

Timo Makinen, of the National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP) Canada, discusses themany benefits of the NISP model for delivering industrial symbiosis, including waste reduction, improved resource efficiency, less materials sent to the landfill, fewer GHGs and air pollutants, andmore.

Spirit Walks

Drop-in, and enjoy fresh air, conversation, and walking meditation. Meet outside the Multifaith Centre rain or shine. Please bring a face mask for when social distancing of 2 m can not bemaintained.

Statistics Seminar: Geo-dependent individual-level models for infectious disease transmission

Speaker: Rob Deardon, University of Calgary
Location: via Zoom
Event type: Statistics seminar

Zoom - Grief Support Group

The death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Loss is a universal event, yet grief is an individual experience. The purpose of this group is to explore the role grief plays in our healing process. * Group participation requires a referral from a counsellor.

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences Seminar

Cecilia Bitz, Professor
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington