Undergraduate studies

Interested in the earth, oceans and atmosphere? Curious about geohazards or climate change? On the south end of Vancouver Island, UVic is perfectly situated for offering a complete education in Earth System Science.

You'll experience hands-on learning in the field. From lab classes identifying rocks at the beach to field schools studying the geology of the Cordilleran Mountains, the great outdoors will be your classroom.

Study what interests you the most. Geology, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics all find a home in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. Our undergraduate programs include combined degrees with other departments.

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Undergraduate Program FAQ

How do I register for a course for which I do not have the pre-requisite courses?

You will need to fill out a pre-requisite waiver form and send it to the course instructor for approval, cc to the SEOS Office (seos@uvic.ca) and to the SEOS Undergrad Advisor (seosadvisor@uvic.ca) for tracking.

I am registered in the lecture but am unable to get into a lab section, or wish to transfer to my preferred lab section.

For admission into labs, or transfer between labs, you need to contact the Senior Lab Instructor responsible for the lab component of the course. If in doubt, check with the SEOS Office (seos@uvic.ca).

I have questions or problems about transfer credits or course substitutions.

You can contact the SEOS Undergrad Advisor (seosadvisor@uvic.ca).

I have the transfer credits but I am unable to register.

Check with the SEOS Undergrad Advisor, who will check your records, and may be able to request a registration override by SEOS into the course. Include your V-number in the email.

Are all EOS 400-level courses offered every year?

No. Some (non-required courses) are only offered every other year. Courses required for the EOS major are offered every year. Contact the undergraduate advisor for more information.

Can MATH 202 be taken for credit if a student already has MATH 201 or 200/205?

No. Previously, students were required to take MATH 201 and both MATH 200 and 205. Now the requirement is for MATH 202 and EOS 325.

How can I find out if/how my Camosun courses will transfer to UVic?

Please see www.bctransferguide.ca.

Is MATH 102 an acceptable substitute for MATH 100?

No. Math 102 is not an acceptable prerequisite for MATH 101, which is required in all of our programs.

Is EOS 240 (and thus CHEM 245) a firm pre-requisite for students wanting to take EOS 316?

Yes. Those who do not pass CHEM 245 may take CHEM 221 at Camosun as a co-requisite instead of delaying a year and re-taking CHEM 245.

I'm interested in ethics within the professional and business environment (an important area for professional registration as a geoscientist in Canada), what non-SEOS course would you recommend I consider taking?

Consider taking PHIL330 "Professional and business ethics".

I'm interested in sustainability, what non-SEOS course would you recommend I consider taking?

Consider taking CIVE 210 "Sustainability in Civil Engineering".