Computing facilities locations and hours

Computing facilities
Drop in and use a computer in one of our three locations across campus.

The University of Victoria student computing facilities provide computer classrooms, software, resources and assistance to students, staff and faculty. Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as friendly and capable staff, are available in all the facilities. Internal course bookings and internal and external events may be booked in the facilities.

Map of Computer Help Desk facilities
  Help desk   Comp. facility   Open   Closing soon   Closed

We’re sorry, but data on our operating hours is currently unavailable or can’t be displayed. We may be updating them, or you may be using an outdated web browser or have JavaScript disabled. Please contact Computer Help Desk for our current hours or assistance.

Monday, December 23 (Early closing)
Clearihue A112: 8am–9pm
Human and Social Development A131: 8:30am–4pm
All other locations using regular weekday hours

Tuesday, December 24 (Early closing)
Central Computer Help Desk: 8am–3pm
Clearihue A112: 8am–3pm
McPherson Library—Mearns Centre for Learning: 9am–Noon
All other locations are closed

Wednesday, December 25–Wednesday, January 1 (Interterm closure)