Graduate students

Name Email Supervisor(s) Degree Research
Abraham, Carsten A. Monahan PhD
Bedard, Jeannette S. Vagle
S. Dosso
PhD Physical oceanography and acoustics of Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island.
Belcourt, Josee S. Dosso MSc
Cappello, Mariko J. Husson MSc
D'Souza, Rameses D. Canil PhD Mantle geochemistry.
Dawson, Travis K. Morell
S. Johnston
MSc Structural Geology of the Fennoscandian Orogeny:
Timing of the Bothnian Orocline.
Dirkson, Arlan B. Merryfield
A. Monahan
PhD Improving the seasonal to annual prediction of sea ice in operational climate models.
Douglas, Tristan K. Juniper MSc
Engida, Zelalem D. Ianson
A. Monahan
PhD Physical controls on extremes of oceanic carbon and oxygen cycles.
Evans, Curtis M. Whiticar MSc BC Natural Gas Atlas - An independent geochemical catalog plus map series as a publicly viewable database of molecular composition and isotopes.
Forstner, Tara T. Gleeson MSc Hydrogeology; Mapping and sustainable management of aquifer stress in BC.
Fouladi Moghaddam, Negin E. Nissen PhD
Gao, Dawei H. Kao
S. Dosso
Induced seismicity associated with man-made activities.
Gasbarro, Ryan V. Tunnicliffe MSc Benthic ecology in two British Columbian fjords: compositional and functional patterns.
Genest, Maximilien V. Pospelova MSc Identification of anthropogenic and natural eutrophication through dinoflagellate cysts.
Giesbrecht, Karina D. Varela PhD Marine biogenic silica dynamics of Arctiv and subarctic ecosystems and their response to environmental perturbations.
Giguere, Thomas V. Tunnicliffe MSc
Graham, Audrey K. Morell MSc Neotectonics of southern Vancouver Island: LiDAR, geophysical, geomorphic, Quaternary and structural geology investigations.
Hayashida, Hakase N. Steiner
A. Monahan
PhD Ocean Biogeochemistry; marine DMS (Dimethylsulfide) modeling in the Canadian Arctic
Herrera Ramirez, Carlos S. Dosso
J. Cassidy
PhD Inverse methods applied to Seismology
Hoeberechts, Jay L. Leonard MSc Applying GNSS satellite measurements and remote sensing methods to tsunami detection & warning systems.
Horne, Julia C. Goldblatt PhD
Hughes, Kenneth J. Klymak PhD Physical oceanography and mixing in the Canadian Arctic.
Hutchinson, Jesse H. Kao
G. Spence
PhD Seismologist currently researching earthquake activity related to the Cascadia subduction zone and neighbouring faults. Looking into converted phase arrivals to identify boundaries within the subduction zone.
Jackson, Sarah J. Cullen MSc The biogeochemistry of silver and cadmium in marine samples.
Jameson, Brett K. Juniper PhD
Jonsson, Carl R. Hebda
V. Pospelova
MSc Quaternary paleoecology and paleoclimate of the British Columbian intermontane plateau with a focus on terrestrial palynology.
Kanes, Kristen S. Vagle
S. Dosso
Marine mammals, sound source classification, sound source localization.
Kuponiyi, Ayodeji H. Kao
G. Spence
PhD Seismic Imaging: Ambient Noise Tomography.
Laureijs, Christiaan L. Coogan PhD
Geochemical modelling of water-rock interactions at low-temperature
hydrothermal systems at the off-axis region of the seafloor.
Li, Zhen V. Pospelova PhD Marine environments in the Holocene including various time-scale changes of primary productivity, climate and sedimentary evironment in the Pacific region.
Luo, Haipeng K. Wang
E. Nissen
Lynch, Rebecca D. Canil PhD
Mao, Yiwen A. Monahan PhD Statistics of sea surface winds.
McLachlan, Sandy

V. Pospelova

Mearce, Trevor K. Morell MSc Tectonic Geomorphology: Along-strike changes in the geometry of the Main Himalayan Thrust in the northwestern Himalaya: Insights from erosion rates, river profiles, and landscape morphology.
Miller, Matthew J. Dower MSc
Mortenson, Eric N. Steiner
A. Monahan
PhD The air-sea-ice exchange of carbon in the marine Arctic through physical and biogeochemical processes.
Mouy, Xavier S. Dosso
F. Juanes (Biology)
PhD Fish bioacoustics: characterization of fish sounds and effect of noise on fish.
Mullan, Sean V. Barrie
V. Pospelova
PhD The morphodynamics of a submarine bedform field with giant dunes hosted in a tidal scours-trough system: Boundary Passage, British Columbia and Washington State.
Murdock, Sheryl K. Juniper PhD Microbial ecology of protists associated with deep-sea hydrothermal systems.
Over, Jin-Si V. Pospelova MSc
Pascoe, Emma J. Dower MSc Quantifying variability in the condition of juvenile Pacific herring.
Reynolds, Sue J. Cullen PhD Chemical Oceanography; marine trace metal biogeochemistry in the Canadian Arctic in the face of a changing climate.
Sandre, Victoria R. Hamme MSc
SeyedAli, Minasadat K. Gillis
L. Coogan
PhD Relations between off-axis low temperature hydrothermal systems and basaltic rocks of  upper oceanic crust.
Sypus, Matthew K. Wang
S. Dosso
Tan, Fengzhou H. Kao
E. Nissen
Timmerman, Amanda R. Hamme PhD Comparing primary production methods in the Arctic and subarctic northeast Pacific.
Venello, Theresa J. Dower PhD
Quantifying the spatio-temporal variability in secondary crustacean
zooplankton production off the BC coast.
Wan, Di M. Foreman
S. Dosso
PhD Physical Oceaonography: near-shore dynamics in Discovery Islands region and Northwestern British Columbia coast.
Zhu, Yijie K. Wang
E. Nissen