Emeritus Faculty

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Barnes, Christopher (Emeritus)

Paleozoic paleontology, stratigraphy, paleoecology; conodont paleobiology; paleoceanography; paleoclimatology; cabled ocean observatories.

250 721 8847

Chapman, Ross (Emeritus)

Ocean acoustics, acoustic signal processing, ambient noise, marine seismology, seismic inversion methods.

250 472 4340

Garrett, Chris (Emeritus)

Physical oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, and ocean mixing processes.

250 721 7002

Pedersen, Tom (Emeritus)

Sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimatology, and aquatic chemistry.

Spence, George (Emeritus)

Refraction and reflection seismology, marine and land-based; geophysics and tectonics of western Canadian margin and Cordillera.

Tunnicliffe, Verena (Emeritus)

Evolution of marine communities, hydrothermal vents, seamounts and fjords; interaction with physical and geological processes.

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Whiticar, Michael (Emeritus)

Organic and stable isotope biogeochemistry,  including: Diagenesis and catagenesis; Petroleum resource evaluation and modeling; Gas hydrates; Greenhouse gases in sediments, water columns, soils, forests, and ice cores; Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in urban airsheds.

Weaver, John (Emeritus)

Geomagnetism; numerical modelling and inversion of electromagnetic induction in the earth and oceans.

250 721 4353