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Faculty in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
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Dante Canil, Professor
Experimental and igneous petrology; mantle and crustal evolution; geothermobarometry; deep earth geochemical cycles.

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BWC A423

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Laurence Coogan, Professor
The role of the oceanic lithosphere in the Earth system, controls on ocean chemistry, the long-term carbon cycle, hydrothermal fluxes, petrology/geochemistry.

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BWC A413

 Jay Cullen

Jay Cullen, Director, Professor
Chemical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry of trace metals, bio-inorganic chemistry, paleoceanography and global change, stable isotope geochemistry and development of novel techniques for trace metals.

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BWC A415

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Stan Dosso, Professor
Ocean acoustics and geoacoustics, marine-mammal acoustics, earthquake seismology, geophysical inverse theory.

BWC A331

 John Dower

John Dower, Professor
Biological and fisheries oceanography, zooplankton ecology, effects of biophysical coupling on the structure and productivity of pelagic marine ecosystems.

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BWC A327

 Blake Dyer

Blake Dyer, Assistant Professor
Earth history, sedimentology and stratigraphy, isotope geochemistry of carbonates, and sea level change.

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BWC A433

 Andy Fraass

Andy Fraass, Assistant Professor.
Micropaleontology, paleoceanography, paleobiology, Earth history, macroevolution, sedimentation and stratigraphy

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BWC A431

Kathy Gillis 

Kathy Gillis, Professor
Geological oceanography, fluid-rock interaction in oceanic hydrothermal systems, formation of the oceanic crust, impacts of low temperature oceanic weathering on the Earth system.

BWC A419

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Colin Goldblatt, Associate Professor
An Earth System view on atmospheres: evolution of Earth’s atmospheric composition, climate physics (deep palaeoclimate, dynamical climatology, radiative transfer, climate modelling), terrestrial planet evolution (solar system and exoplanets).

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BWC A323

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Roberta Hamme, Associate Professor
Chemical oceanography, dissolved gases, ocean carbon cycle and sequestration, air-sea interaction and water mass formation, marine productivity rates, denitrification, BGC-Argo floats, mass spectrometric gas measurements.

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BWC A417

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Jon Husson, Assistant Professor
Earth history, stratigraphy, sedimentary carbonates, stable isotope geochemistry, U-Pb geochronology.

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BWC A425

 Ruohong Jiao

Ruohong Jiao, Assistant Professor
Fission-track and (U-Th)/He thermochronology, orogenic processes, landscape evolution modelling.

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BWC A427

Kim Juniper 

Kim Juniper, Professor
Marine systems and global change.

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BWC A317

 Jody Klymak

Jody Klymak, Professor
Physical oceanography: waves, turbulence, fronts, eddies; processes that dissipate energy from the mean ocean circulation and mediate the mixing of momentum, heat, salt, and passive tracers.

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BWC A313
Lucinda Leonard 

Lucinda Leonard, Assistant Professor
Current tectonics, especially of western North America; seismic and tsunami hazard assessment.

BWC A315

 Adam Monahan

Adam Monahan, Professor
Theoretical climate dynamics, boundary-layer meteorology, stochastic processes in ocean/atmosphere science; modelling biogeochemical dynamics, climate statistics.

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BWC A311

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Edwin Nissen, Associate Professor
Earthquakes, active tectonics, imaging geodesy, earthquake seismology, tectonic geomorphology.

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BWC A329

Hansi Singh 

Hansi Singh, Assistant Professor
Atmosphere-ocean-ice interactions, coupled climate dynamics, climate variability and change, polar climates, climate sensitivity and radiative feedbacks.

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BWC A321

 Diana Varela

Diana Varela, Professor
Biological oceanography; biogeochemical cycles; phytoplankton physiology and ecology - variations in marine primary productivity and export production, phytoplankton utilization of nitrogen, silicon and carbon, silicon isotopic fractionation by diatoms.

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BWC A333

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Andrew Weaver, Professor
Climate change policy, research, solutions and communications.  Formerly focused on the role of the oceans in climate change/variability; ocean/climate modelling; paleoclimate; physical oceanography; geophysical fluid dynamics.

BWC A309