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Faculty in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
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Dante Canil, Professor
Experimental and igneous petrology; mantle and crustal evolution; geothermobarometry; deep earth geochemical cycles.

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BWC A423

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Laurence Coogan, Professor
Mid-ocean ridge processes, oceanic crust, hydrothermal fluxes, geospeedometry, experimental petrology, mantle dynamics.

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BWC A413

 Jay Cullen

Jay Cullen, Professor
Chemical oceanography, marine geochemistry, phytoplankton-trace metal interactions, marine biogeochemistry of trace metals

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BWC A415

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Stan Dosso, Director, Professor
Ocean and arctic acoustics, marine seismology and seismo-acoustics, geophysical inverse theory, acoustic signal analysis.

BWC A331

 John Dower

John Dower, Professor
Effects of interactions between biology and physics on the ecology of larval fish and zooplankton; the structure of pelagic marine ecosystems.

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BWC A327


Blake Dyer, Assistant Professor
Earth history, sedimentology and stratigraphy, isotope geochemistry of carbonates, and sea level change.

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Kathy Gillis 

Kathy Gillis, Professor
Marine geology; fluid-rock interaction in oceanic hydrothermal systems; formation of the oceanic crust; metamorphic petrology.

BWC A419

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Colin Goldblatt, Associate Professor
Earth system evolution, climate modelling, the early Earth, evolution of planetary atmospheres.

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BWC A323

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Roberta Hamme, Associate Professor
Chemical oceanography, air-sea gas exchange, carbon cycle, using gases as tracers of ocean processes.

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BWC A417

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Jon Husson, Assistant Professor
Earth history, stratigraphy, sedimentary carbonates, stable isotope geochemistry, U-Pb geochronology

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BWC A425

 Ruohong Jiao

Ruohong Jiao, Assistant Professor
Fission-track and (U-Th)/He thermochronology, orogenic processes, landscape evolution modelling.

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BWC A427

Kim Juniper 

Kim Juniper, Professor
Marine systems and global change.

BWC A317

 Jody Klymak

Jody Klymak, Professor
Physical oceanography: waves, turbulence, fronts, eddies etc. Processes that dissipate energy from the mean ocean circulation and mediate the mixing of momentum, heat, salt, and passive tracers.

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BWC A313
Lucinda Leonard 

Lucinda Leonard, Assistant Professor
Current tectonics, especially of western North America; seismic and tsunami hazard assessment.

BWC A315

 Adam Monahan

Adam Monahan, Professor
Theoretical climate dynamics; multivariate statistics in climate diagnostics; dynamical systems theory and stochastic processes in climate modelling; general circulation of the ocean and atmosphere; waves in random media.

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BWC A311

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Edwin Nissen, Associate Professor
Earthquakes, active tectonics, satellite and airborne geodesy (InSAR, lidar), seismology

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BWC A329

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Vera Pospelova, Professor
Quaternary, geological oceanography, coastal eutrophication and pollution, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, dinoflagellate cysts, phytoplankton, harmful algal blooms (HABs), sediments.

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BWC A431


Hansi Singh, Assistant Professor
Polar Climates, Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice Interactions, Coupled Climate Dynamics, Aerial Hydrologic Cycle.

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BWC A4321

 Verena Tunnicliffe

Verena Tunnicliffe, Professor
Evolution of marine communities, hydrothermal vents, seamounts and fjords; interaction with physical and geological processes.

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BWC A325

 Diana Varela

Diana Varela, Professor
Biological oceanography; biogeochemical cycles; phytoplankton physiology and ecology - variations in marine primary productivity and export production, phytoplankton utilization of nitrogen, silicon and carbon, silicon isotopic fractionation by diatoms.

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BWC A333

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Andrew Weaver, Professor
The role of the oceans in climate change/variability; ocean/climate modelling; paleoclimate; physical oceanography; geophysical fluid dynamics.

BWC A309

Michael Whiticar 

Michael Whiticar, Professor
Organic and stable isotope biogeochemistry, including: Diagenesis and catagenesis; Petroleum resource evaluation and modeling; Gas hydrates; Greenhouse gases in sediments, water columns, soils, forests, and ice cores; Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in urban airsheds.

BWC A429