Offices are located in the Bob Wright Centre.

Name Email Phone Office Research
Canil, Dante 250-472-4180 BWC A423 Experimental and igneous petrology; petrogenesis of mantle-derived rocks.
Coogan, Laurence 250-472-4018 BWC A413 Mid-ocean ridge processes, oceanic crust, hydrothermal fluxes, geospeedometry, experimental petrology, mantle dynamics.
Cullen, Jay 250-472-4353 BWC A415 Chemical oceanography, marine geochemistry, phytoplankton-trace metal interactions, marine biogeochemistry of trace metals
Dosso, Stan - Director 250-472-4341 BWC A331 Ocean and arctic acoustics, marine seismology and seismo-acoustics, geophysical inverse theory, acoustic signal analysis.
Dower, John 250-472-5010 BWC A327 Effects of interactions between biology and physics on the ecology of larval fish and zooplankton; the structure of pelagic marine ecosystems.
Gillis, Kathy 250-472-4023 BWC A419 Marine geology; fluid-rock interaction in oceanic hydrothermal systems; formation of the oceanic crust; metamorphic petrology.
Goldblatt, Colin 250-472-4060 BWC A323 Earth system evolution, climate modelling, the early Earth, evolution of planetary atmospheres.
Hamme, Roberta 250-472-4014 BWC A417 Chemical oceanography, air-sea gas exchange, carbon cycle, using gases as tracers of ocean processes.
Husson, Jon email 250-472-5570 BWC A425

Earth history, stratigraphy, sedimentary carbonates, stable isotope geochemistry, U-Pb geochronology

Juniper, Kim 250-472-5379 BWC A317 Marine systems and global change.
Klymak, Jody 250-472-5969 BWC A313 Physical oceanography: waves, turbulence, fronts, eddies etc. Processes that dissipate energy from the mean ocean circulation and mediate the mixing of momentum, heat, salt, and passive tracers.
Leonard, Lucinda 250-472-4482 BWC A315 Current tectonics, especially of western North America; seismic and tsunami hazard assessment.
Monahan, Adam 250-472-5075 BWC A433 Theoretical climate dynamics; multivariate statistics in climate diagnostics; dynamical systems theory and stochastic processes in climate modelling; general circulation of the ocean and atmosphere; waves in random media.
Morell, Kristin 250-472-4182 BWC A421 Tectonic geomorphology, landscape evolution, active tectonics, natural hazards.
Nissen, Edwin 250-472-4340 BWC A329 Earthquakes, active tectonics, satellite and airborne geodesy (InSAR, lidar), seismology
Pedersen, Tom 250-721-6187 BWC A311 Sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimatology, and aquatic chemistry.
Pospelova, Vera 250-721-6314 BWC A431 Quaternary, geological oceanography, coastal eutrophication and pollution, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, dinoflagellate cysts, phytoplankton, harmful algal blooms (HABs), sediments.
Tunnicliffe, Verena 250-721-7135 BWC A325 Evolution of marine communities, hydrothermal vents, seamounts and fjords; interaction with physical and geological processes.
Varela, Diana 250-472-5425 BWC A333 Biological oceanography; biogeochemical cycles; phytoplankton physiology and ecology - variations in marine primary productivity and export production, phytoplankton utilization of nitrogen, silicon and carbon, silicon isotopic fractionation by diatoms.
Weaver, Andrew 250-472-4006 BWC A309 The role of the oceans in climate change/variability; ocean/climate modelling; paleoclimate; physical oceanography; geophysical fluid dynamics.
Whiticar, Michael 250-721-6514 BWC A429 Organic and stable isotope biogeochemistry, including: Diagenesis and catagenesis; Petroleum resource evaluation and modeling; Gas hydrates; Greenhouse gases in sediments, water columns, soils, forests, and ice cores; Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in urban airsheds.