Roberta Hamme

Roberta Hamme
Earth and Ocean Sciences
Office: BWC A417

BA (PC), MSc (UW), PhD (UW)

Area of expertise

Chemical oceanography, dissolved gases, ocean carbon cycle and sequestration, air-sea interaction and water mass formation, marine productivity rates, denitrification, BGC-Argo floats, mass spectrometric gas measurements


I am an Associate Professor in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences department at the University of Victoria and Canada Research Chair in Ocean Carbon Dynamics.

Research focus

Understanding what drives the cycles of gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen is essential to understanding our changing planet. I measure a suite of inert and bioactive gases, like argon and oxygen, to investigate oceanic processes. Dissolved inert gases can tell us about how gases move between the atmosphere and the ocean and what processes drive those fluxes, such as rapid cooling and bubbles created by breaking waves. Dissolved oxygen measurements indicate the productivity of ocean waters. Atmospheric measurements can give us a globally integrated picture of the ocean uptake or release of gases.

These different approaches allow my group to investigate a large variety of processes across many spatial and temporal scales.