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Ahm, Anne-Sofie

Carbon cycle, carbonate diagenesis, origins of life, Ca and Mg isotopes, Snowball Earth, reactive-transport models.


Arbour, Victoria

Vertebrate palaeontology (especially dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles), Cretaceous palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography, functional morphology & evolutionary biology.

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Bobrowsky, Peter

Engineering geology, landslide studies, paleoearthquakes, paleotsunamis, geoethics.

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Cassidy, John

Earthquake hazard studies, including earth structure, earthquake source determination and wave propagation.

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Christian, James

The global carbon cycle; ocean biogeochemistry; ecology of aquatic microorganisms; ocean colour remote sensing.

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Curry, Charles

Global and regional climate modelling; climate variability and trends; wind and hydroclimate of Western Canada; biogeochemical cycles.

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Denman, Kenneth

Biological/physical oceanographic interactions; ocean biogeochemical fluxes and climate change.

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Dewey, Richard

Physical oceanography, tides, mixing, boundary layersand coastal flows.

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Eby, Michael

Earth system modelling, climate-carbon cycle feedbacks, emission budgets, biogeochemistry, paleoclimate, ice modelling, control of glacial cycles, climate change longevity.

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Flato, Gregory

Numeric modelling of sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics; role of sea ice and polar oceans in climate; global climate modelling.

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Foreman, Michael

Numerical modelling, physical oceanography, data assimilation, satellite altimetry, tidal analysis.

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Fyfe, John

Climate variability and change, atmospheric and oceanic dynamics, polar variability and change, climate modelling and analysis.

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Gall, Louise

Isotope geochemistry, non-traditional stable isotope systems, biogeochemistry, analytical technique development.


Gillett, Nathan

(Honorary Research Professor)

Attribution of the causes of climate change; atmosphere circulation changes; stratosphere troposphere coupling and ozone influence on climate; carbon-climate feedbacks.

250 363 8264

Gleeson, Tom

Groundwater sustainability, mega-scale groundwater systems, groundwater recharge and discharge and fluid flow around geologic structures.

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Hebda, Richard

Quaternary stratigraphy, vegetation and climate change; Holocene palynology to decode diet, medicine and agriculture of native peoples.

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Heesemann, Martin

Marine geophysics, seafloor observatories and instrumentation, earthquake seismology, tectonics, tsunamis, and scientific ocean drilling.

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Hoffman, Paul

Snowball Earth, Neoproterozoic Earth history, origin and tectonic history of continents, stable isotopes, paleoceanography, paleoclimate, sedimentary geology, geological mapping.

Hyndman, Roy

Geophysics, marine and land; active continental margin tectonics and structure; geothermal studies; seismotectonics; magnetotellurics; physical properties of rocks.

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Ianson, Debby

Biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, using integrative models and field studies with a focus on ocean acidification.

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James, Thomas

Field investigations and computer modelling of geodynamic and environmental processes related to crustal motion, sea level, and ice-sheet change.

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Jiang, Yan

Space geodesy techniques, seismo-tectonics, slow slip events, earth deformation due to mass redistribution

Johnston, Stephen

Tectonic and structural geology; evolution of convergent margins.

Kao, Honn

Seismology: earthquake source studies, velocity structure inversion, seismogenic behaviour and processes, induced seismicity, moment-tensor inversion and seismotectonics.

250 363 6225

Lado Insua, Tania

Tsunami modelling, ocean engineering, ocean drilling, physical properties of the sediment, data analytics.

McFarlane, Norm

Global climate modelling; parameterization of physical processes in atmospheric models; middle atmospheric dynamics and modelling.

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Melton, Joe

Development and application of terrestrial ecosystem and land surface models for stand-alone simulations and implementation in Earth system models. Process modelling including wetland methane, fire, and permafrost carbon.

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Merryfield, William

Climate forecasting; climate variability; predictability; ocean circulation models; subgrid-scale parameterization; geophysical turbulence; double diffusion; ocean mixing processes; numerical methods in fluid dynamics.

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Morell, Kristin

Plate tectonics, landscapes, earthquakes, geology.

Pospelova, Vera

Micropaleontology, palynology, dinoflagellate cysts, taxonomy, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, environmental change, marine geology, coastal and estuarine dynamics, eutrophication & pollution, harmful algal blooms (HABs), Earth System Science, Quaternary, Anthropocene.

Rogers, Garry

Earthquake seismology and related tectonic processes, earth structure using earthquake generated waves, earthquake hazard.

250 363 6500

Rowins, Stephen

Genesis of magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits and mineral exploration methodologies.

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Saenko, Oleg

Global ocean circulation and its influence on climate; water masses; climate variability and feedbacks.

250 363 8267

Schaeffer, Andrew

Seismic imaging of the Earth’s interior; structure and dynamics of the upper mantle; evolution of the lithosphere; seismo-tectonics of continental deformation zones and convergent margins; seismicity and seismic hazard.

 250 363 6430

Scherwath, Martin

Marine geophysics and geology; gas hydrates; active and passive seismology, including seismic processing, structural modelling, and seismic imaging; subduction zone processes; continental collision.

250 721 6309

Scinocca, John

Atmospheric/oceanic fluid dynamics, climate model development and physical parameterizations.

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Seiler, Christian

Atmospheric dynamics, extratropical cyclones, global and regional climate models, terrestrial carbon cycle

250 721 7217

Sigmond, Michael

Seasonal climate predictions (sea ice, stratosphere-troposphere coupling), atmospheric large-scale circulation, regional climate change, ozone hole impacts, Arctic sea ice impacts

250 363 8202

Simandl, George

Industrial minerals, high technology metals, nonsulphide Zn-Pb, and gemstone deposits - exploration, evaluation and origin, applied and fundamental research.

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Steiner, Nadja

Modelling of ocean and sea-ice  biogeochemistry, atmosphere-ocean-sea-ice-biochemistry interactions. Climate Change impacts on Arctic ecosystems

250 363 1433

Stevens, Catherine (Cat)

Marine zooplankton ecology, hydrothermal vent food webs, microbial dynamics in oxygen minimum zones, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, denitrification, fatty acid biomarkers, functional gene pyrosequencing, taxonomic gene surveys.

Swart, Neil

Climate change and variability, with a focus on change in the physical dynamics and carbon cycle of the ocean.

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Vagle, Svein

Air-sea exchange processes, modelling and measurements of bubble dynamics and bubble gas transfer, observations of coastal oceanographic processes including tidal mixing, underwater ambient noise, low-power self-contained data acquisition systems, marine mammal acoustics, and new techniques in fishery acoustics.

250 363 6339

Von Salzen, Knut

Modelling of physical and chemical processes in the troposphere; cloud and aerosol processes; global climate modelling

250 363 8237

Wang, Kelin

(Honorary Research Professor)

Subduction zone processes, lithospheric stresses, earthquake mechanics, crustal thermal and hydrological processes.

250 363 6429

Yamazaki, Hidekatsu

(Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology - TUMSAT)

Chemical oceanography, particularly the role of the carbon cycle in global climate change; pathways of ocean pollutants, especially metals and hydrocarbons.