Blake Dyer

Blake Dyer
Assistant Professor
Earth and Ocean Sciences
Office: BWC A433

BSc (RU), PhD (PU)

Area of expertise

Earth history, sedimentology and stratigraphy, isotope geochemistry of carbonates, sea-level change


I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria

Research focus

The goal of my research is to use sedimentary rocks to better understand how the Earth system responds to changing boundary conditions. The history of life and climate on Earth is intricately tied to the coevolution of the biosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere over billions of years. Ancient sediments are the fragmented historical record of these systems, and detailed reconstructions of key moments in the development of our planet offer a critical perspective on the rarity and role of life in our universe.

Moreover, the ancient sedimentary record provides a baseline to differentiate naturally occurring change from human-caused change and can reveal feedbacks that may become critically important in future climate change. I investigate this sedimentary record by merging modern data science tools and models with geospatial, geochemical and stratigraphic data collected during detailed fieldwork.

Check out my research page for more information about specific projects.