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Spirit Walks

Drop-in, and enjoy fresh air, conversation, and walking meditation.
Meet in the lobby of the Interfaith Chapel, rain or shine.

Shift into Summer - Summer Job Expo

Looking for a summer job? Search curated summer job postings each Friday at our SummerJob Expo.


UVic BFA graduation exhibition

Awakening the Gifts of Character

Through self-exploration, begin to learn how to connect successfully with others on a higher level through creating a culture of character.

Dept of Chemistry MSc Defense: Michelle Ting

the Final Oral Examination for the Degree of Master of Science
of McIndoe Group student Michelle Yan Chi Ting

Thesis title: "Monitoring Complex Reactions using Tandem Mass
Spectrometric Methods"

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Learn to Meditate

Our core practice is Meditation and Mindful Awareness. These are key tools in the development of conscious and compassionate ways of being present to the complex and stressful reality of our lives.Free. Drop-in when you can. No experience necessary.