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Postdoc Opportunities in Climate at UVic

We are seeking two engaged, enthusiastic individuals for postdoctoral research positions investigating the fate of Canada’s coastal oceans over the next century. The postdocs will work collaboratively to (1) produce regional ocean models of Canada’s coastlines (using ROMS and CICE), and (2) assess how these coastal oceans will respond to a warming climate by subjecting this regional ocean model to downscaled global climate model projections (using WRF).

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Drop-in career support

Looking for work? Exploring career options? Meet with a career educator for support.

Muslim Prayer

Jumuah (Friday) Prayer is a time for all Muslims to leave their day-to-day activities for a congregational prayer and sermon. After a long week of being submerged in school or work, Fridays brings achance to take a step back from the daily grind.


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2023 CBIE Learning Abroad Student Survey

UVic and the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) invite you to participate in the 2023 Learning Abroad Survey!

This survey is being conducted at institutions across Canada and gives you the opportunity to provide important feedback and suggestions about your educational experience abroad.

SURVEY LINK: Click on this link to access the survey:

Digital Humanities Summer Institute

Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) is an ideal environment for discussing, learning, and building skills in the digital humanities. Join us for intensiveseminars, colloquium presentations, affiliated events, and much more!

Francis Dick’s Walking Thru My Fires

Francis Dick’s “Walking Thru My Fires”

Walking Thru My Fires showcases the work of one of the most prolific living Indigenous artists on the West Coast. This deeply personal exhibition explores Indian Residential Schoollegacies, urban Indigeneity, reconciliation, and the healing power of art through Francis Dick's prints, paintings, carvings, and music. It is an autobiography written in art.