Announcements and events

Microbiologist recognized for scientific excellence

Caroline Cameron (Biochemistry & Microbiology) has received the Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence, as part of the 2019 LifeSciences BC Awards, for her work using advanced technologies to study the pathogen that causes syphilis. Cameron is one of the world’s leading experts on this sexually- and vertically-transmitted infection that has seen an alarming global resurgence in recent years, including within B.C.

2019 Honours Fest Winners

Last month, thirty-six Honours students throughout the Faculty of Science presented their research at the eighth annual Honours Fest, a conference-style poster session that showcases outstanding undergraduate research. Honours Fest is the culmination of two semesters of grueling research, and an opportunity for students to show what has been occupying their time and brainpower.

Sculpture revitalized thanks to donor

For nine years local sculptor Maarten Schaddelee’s work has been on display on the first floor of the Bob Wright Building, providing intrigue and inspiration to the UVic community. That is until last year when one of the two pieces was accidentally bumped and damaged. Now reinforced and restored, both are back on display in the Bob Wright Centre - a building dedicated to the ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences thanks to the artist.

Massive galaxy cluster discovery

A team of researchers from institutions including University of Victoria, the National Research Council of Canada, Dalhousie University, and the Flatiron Institute, have discovered a cluster of galaxies assembling very differently and more quickly than current models would predict. Calculations indicate that the astronomers are witnessing the assembly of one of the most massive structures in the present-day universe.

Statement on the death of a chemistry student

The university and the Faculty of Science is deeply saddened by the loss of a member of our community. On the weekend, it was reported that a young man died while surfing in Tofino. Friends and relatives identified him as Nijin John, a UVic graduate student in chemistry. Our hearts go out to the family of Nijin John and friends at this very difficult time.