Bryce Jones

Bryce Jones
Bryce Jones

Category: Emerging Alumni Awards

Name: Bryce Hugo Jones

UVic degree and year:  Bachelor of Science, 2016               

Current hometown:  Amaranth, ON                   

Birthplace: Edmonton, AB

Bryce Hugo Jones is an entrepreneur on a quest to have the largest possible impact on climate change and inspire others to take action. His background at UVic helped unveil the scale and sense of urgency of the problem. He believes music is fire. Golden retrievers melt his heart. He can’t thank his family enough for their support. He thinks learning languages sharpens the mind and astronomy is food for the soul.

Jones is a founder and CEO of Flash Forest, a reforestation company touting technology that uses autonomous drones and mapping software to help regenerate ecosystems. The team has developed a means of doing reforestation by drone that aims to plant trees 10 times faster than a human planter. Their technology facilitates seed germination and continued seedling survival. The company seeks to plant one billion trees by 2028, but not stop there.  

Q: What was the moment you realized your career calling?

BHJ: It was clear in 2009 that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was clear at UVic around 2013 that I wanted to do something on climate change. In 2017, I started brainstorming ideas. In 2019, this one stuck.

Q: What is a favourite book you read in the last five years and why?

BHJ: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. It changed the way I looked at people and questioned my notions of reality, giving perspective on just how recently we left our hunter-gatherer lifestyles—that 100,000 years ago, we shared Afro-Eurasia with several ‘human’ species; why our heads are so big; and how our ability to collaborate in numbers in the thousands or millions—a distinguishing feature of our species—is largely due to our unified belief in myths! A fascinating one.

Q: What is a movie or television show that always makes you laugh?

BHJ: Nathan For You (with Nathan Fielder). Simply the best—and a UVic graduate ;)

Q: What is your advice to younger people entering your line of work or who feel lost or confused about their future?

BHJ: Get off social media and replace it with reading. Find what gets you excited. Get good at it and find a way to use it to make the world a better place.

Another second tip: Find a way to express yourself! This can be music, painting, writing, comedy, fiction, photography, filming, or just good conversation. It brings life to the soul and can keep you sane through hard times!

Q: What’s a part of your daily routine that you can’t do without? Do you have a mantra that you can share?

BHJ: Biohacking! Polar swims, cold showers, rolling in the snow, or all of the above.


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