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Adel Guitouni

Gustavson researcher Adel Guitouni

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 430 250-721-6428
BSc in Electrical Engineering, University of Quebec, Trois Rivieres; MSc in Electrical Engineering, Laval University; PhD in Operations & Decision Support, Laval University
Area of expertise:
Multi-criteria decision aid and management sciences and risk management, supply chain design and distributed resources management, business analytics and decision support systems, defence and security and safety, governance and transition economies and democratic transitions (Middle East and North Africa)


Dr. Adel Guitouni is an award-winning associate professor of management sciences, operations research and decision support systems at the Gustavson School of Business. His PhD and master-level students benefit from his multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and professional activities, which includes his work with the Canadian government where he directed large scientific teams involved with major events and strategic initiatives such as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and G8/G20 summits, and a variety of projects with the Canadian Forces.

Since 2011, on behalf of the business school, Adel has actively engaged in several educational activities that support the democratic transition and socio-economic development in the MENA region (i.e., Tunisia and Libya) from providing coaching sessions to senior government officials to obtaining grant funding to develop the country’s leadership capacity. In 2014 in partnership with Tunisian higher education institutions, he established a not-for-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship development and innovation.

Adel has published numerous refereed papers and book chapters, and is the recipient of several multi-million dollar research grants. On the research side, he has made several contributions to multiple criteria decision aid (MCDA), supply chain management, information systems, resource management and cloud computing. His research interests include the automation of planning and scheduling, net-enabled dynamic resource management and supply chain management, classification and machine learning, multiple criteria decision analysis, multi-objective optimization, collaborative decision making and decision support systems.

Through his research Adel's goal is to help improve the decision-making process at the individual and corporate level. Through his entrepreneurship and leadership project work, he hopes to empower youth and leaders by giving them the tools to change their world.

Before joining the Gustavson School of Business full-time in 2011, Adel served as one of its adjunct professors. He has also held positions with the Canadian government and taught at Laval University, University of Sherbrook and Concordia. He has supervised numerous graduate students and 6 post-doctoral fellows, and he maintains membership in international policy groups and think tanks.


Courses taught

  • Global Supply Chain and International Logistics (MGB)
  • International Business Specialisation: Special topics on Global Supply Chain
  • Operations Management (MBA)
  • Directed Studies (Advanced Topics in Decision Sciences) (PhD)

Selected publications


Guitouni, A. & Valin, P. (2013). Closed-loop information fusion and resource management in INFORM LAB. In E. Bosse et al. (Eds.), Prediction and recognition of piracy efforts using collaborative human-centric information systems, NATO: IOS Press, 135-150.

Abdelkhalek, O., Krichen, S. & Guitouni, A., (2013). Location-allocation planning of heterogeneous networks for maritime surveillance applications. In E. Bosse et al. (Eds.), Prediction and recognition of piracy efforts using collaborative human-centric information systems, NATO: IOS Press, 228-236.

Dridi, O., Krichen, S. & Guitouni, A., (2013). A multicriteria genetic algorithm for solving the scheduling problem of tasks with resource constraint. In Jarboui et al. (Eds.), Metaheuristics for production scheduling, Wiley-ISTE, 349-369.

Refereed Journals

Masri, H., Krichen, S., & Guitouni, A. (2015). A multi-start variable neighborhood search for solving the single path multicommodity flow problem. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 251(2015), 132-142.

Abdelkhalek, O., Krichen, S. & Guitouni A. (2015). A genetic algorithm based decision support system for the multi-objective node placement problem in next wireless generation network. Applied Soft Computing.

Guitouni, A., & Masri, H. (2014). An orienteering model for the search and rescue problem. Computational Management Science, 11(4), 459-473.

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Mir, H., & Guitouni, A. (2014). Variable dwell time task scheduling for multifunction radar. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 11(2), 463 – 472.

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Girard, S., Martel, A., Berger, J., Boukhtouta, A., Chouinard, M., Ghanmi, A., & Guitouni, A. (2008). Canadian Forces overseas supply network: Strategic need and design methodology. Interuniversity Research Centre on enterprise Networks, Logisitics and Transportation, 1-36.

Jabeur, K. & Guitouni, A. (2009). A generalized framework for multi-criteria classifiers with automated learning: Application on FLIR ship imagery. Journal of Advances in Information Fusion (JAIF)3(1), 75-92.

Rousseau, R., Tremblay, S., Banbury, S., Breton, R. & Guitouni, A. (2009). The role of metacognition in the relationship between objective and subjective SA. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science (TIES), 1464-536X.

Guitouni, A., Martel, J.M. & Bélanger, M. (2007). Une typologie des méthodes multicritères: Proposition d’un cadre méthodologique, INFOR45(3), 153-174.

Guitouni, A., Martel, J.-M., Bélanger, M. & Hunter, C. (2008). MCDA methodology in the context of the Canadian airspace protection. Military Operations Research Journal13(1), 35-30.

Awards & grants

Recognition & awards

    • Achievement Award for services in support of Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympics Winter Games, Commander of Canada Command, Department of National Defense (Canada, 2011)
    • Achievement Award for Science and Technology services in support of Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympics Winter Games Assistant Deputy Minister Science and Technology, Department of National Defense (Canada, 2010)
    • Achievement Award for Science and Technology services in support of G8 and G20 summits, Assistant Deputy Minister Science and Technology, Department of National Defense (Canada, 2010)
    • Gold Award Science and Technology, Defense R&D Canada, Department of National Defense (2009)


  • MITACS –ACCELERATE: Distributed Net-Enabled Information Fusion and Resource Management under Uncertainties (2009)
  • NSERC – CRD: Net-Enabled Adaptive Distributed Information Fusion for Large Volume Surveillance (2009-2011)
  • Defense R&D Canada: Several research and development projects: Major Events Coordinated Security Solutions, Joint Command Decision Support for the 21st Century Technology Demonstrator, Collaborative Operational Planning System (2000-2011)
  • NSERC – DND: The Design of Effective and Robust Supply Networks for Risky and Disruption Prone Environments (2006-2010)
  • PRECARN (Industry Canada): CanCoast Watch: Distributed Information Fusion Test Bed for Coastal Surveillance (2006-2009)