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Research at Gustavson

Part of a young, energetic business school that values innovation, integrative approaches and sustainability, our research program fosters a friendly, non-hierarchical atmosphere that is supportive of our close-knit faculty.

Our research asks fundamental questions, ones that have the potential to shift how we think of business and management. With a commitment to multidisciplinary research, we recognize that management problems rarely occur in isolation and bring this collaborative perspective to complex research topics.


full-time instructors & researchers
peer-reviewed contributions
collaborate across disciplines

Research that makes a difference

Good research leaves its mark in academic circles, in research-informed teaching or in the day-to-day of practitioners working in organizations.

Great research leaves its mark in all 3 areas.

At Gustavson, we aim for great research. Research that makes a difference. Our researchers strive to make meaningful academic contributions through their original, peer-reviewed findings. They look for opportunities to bring their research expertise into the classes they teach, so our students benefit from first-hand, cutting-edge knowledge. And they seek ways to ground research questions in real-world business needs, through partnerships with organizations and people.

Work with us

Interested in joining, visiting or collaborating with us? There are many ways researchers can get involved at Gustavson.

Research stories

Starting with place

April 12, 2024

New research explores how place-based social enterprises revitalize their communities despite socio-economic and environmental challenges—and how we can do the same.

Homing in on pandemic-proof healthcare leadership

December 14, 2023

Cheryl Mitchell has spent much of her career studying leadership in the complex and dynamic world of healthcare, both as a consultant and academic director of UVic’s MBA in Sustainable...

$2.5M grant integrates Indigenous knowledge into sustainability projects

August 29, 2023

A University of Victoria-based research team has received a $2.5-million grant to design and advance a sustainability framework for decision-making in Indigenous communities that ensures their...

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