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Strategy & values

The world looks different from here

It's a phrase that is both a reflection of our reality, and a promise we make to all who come here.

Nestled on the far western edge of Canada in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, is a business school that thinks past convention and sparks transformational learning. Located where mountains meet ocean, where city meets forest, where knowledge meets adventure, we are also where an innovative, emerging economy meets an evolving spirit of reconciliation, and where different cultural, academic and professional perspectives move through traditional boundaries to intersect.

Internationally recognized for innovative management research and education, the Gustavson School of Business is intentionally small in numbers, and big in impact. Our focus is on fundamental research questions and developing the responsible, curious leaders who will make tomorrow’s world a better place.

Our winning aspiration

 Together we transform lives.

  • we champion research that makes a difference
  • we develop responsible leaders for a better world
  • we cultivate partnerships for positive impact

Our pillars

Being appreciative, well-informed and perceptive of the diverse, complex world we live in and having the skill-set required to succeed in it. 

Having a deep understanding of the fundamental areas of business combined with an awareness of how these areas continuously interact with one another and the abilities to use this knowledge. 

Being flexible and creative to view the world, issues and opportunities from different perspectives and secure enough to take risks and try new things.

Socially responsible/sustainable
Having the awareness to consider and the skills to incorporate the economic, environmental and social consequences of decisions in business and personal contexts. 

Our promise

  • to prepare leaders who think differently, act responsibly and have a global mindset
  • to generate insight, offering solutions for an inter-dependent world
  • to provide opportunities to learn by doing, to ensure our graduates are world-ready

Our priorities

  1. Improve our educational experience based on our 4 pillars.
  2. Support and encourage scholarship aligned with our areas of focus.
  3. Increase our reputation in the markets in which we operate.
  4. Strengthen and leverage our connections with our community.

Our pillars, promise and priorities are a core part of who we are at Gustavson. 

Organizational values

  • we put people first
  • our work has purpose
  • we have passion for what we do
  • we embrace adventure