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Our faculty

We consider ourselves a family with a vision for who we are and where we want to go. In all our dealings, we aspire to be open, fair, engaged and passionate in everything we do.

Dean & associate deans

Gustavson dean Anita Bhappu

Anita Bhappu

Professor; Dean

Office: BEC 254 250-721-6420

Gustavson associate dean Graham Brown

Graham Brown

Professor; Tim Price Entrepreneurship Fellow; Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning

Office: BEC 250

Gustavson associate dean Mia Maki

Mia Maki

Associate Teaching Professor; Associate Dean, External & Outreach

Office: BEC 234 250-472-4513

Gustavson researcher and associate dean Roy Suddaby

Roy Suddaby

Professor; Associate Dean, Research & Innovation; Francis G. Winspear Chair

Office: BEC 472 250-721-6401

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Faculty members

Gustavson's Jen Baggs

Jen Baggs

Professor; Academic Director, Undergraduate Programs

Office: BEC 248 250-472-4617

Gustavson researcher Francois Bastien

François Bastien

Assistant Professor; Academic Director, MBA Advancing Reconciliation

Office: BEC 474 250-721-6071

Gustavson researcher Kristin Brandl

Kristin Brandl

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 436 250-472-4445

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Mark Bridge

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: BEC 416

Mark Colgate of the Gustavson School of Business

Mark Colgate

Professor; Academic Director, Custom MBA program

Office: BEC 446 250-853-3873

Gustavson researcher Diego Coraiola

Diego Coraiola

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 470 250-472-5649

Gustavson's Vivien Corwin

Vivien Corwin

Associate Teaching Professor; Academic Director, Master in Management Program

Office: BEC 276 250-721-6311

Gustavson researcher Rick Cotton

Rick Cotton

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 242 250-721-8052

Gustavson researcher Wade Danis

Wade Danis


Office: BEC 230 250-853-3872

Gustavson researcher Qianqian Du

Qianqian Du

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 212

Gustavson's David Dunne

David Dunne

Teaching Professor

Gustavson researcher Sara Elias

Sara Elias

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 228 250-721-6244

Gustavson researcher Takahiro Endo

Takahiro Endo

Associate Professor; CAPI Jarislowsky Chair

Office: BEC 434 250-472-5207

Gustavson researcher Stacey Fitzsimmons

Stacey Fitzsimmons

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 410 250-472-4787

Gustavson researcher Ricardo Flores

Ricardo Flores

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 408 250-472-4810

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Maria Carmen Galang

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 218 250-721-6111

Dale Ganley of the Gustavson School of Business

Dale Ganley

Assistant Professor

Office: BEC 442

Gustavson researcher Huachao Gao

Huachao Gao

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 426 250-472-5503

Gustavson faculty member Chris Graham

Chris Graham

Teaching Professor

Office: BEC 258 250-472-4675

Gustavson researcher Adel Guitouni

Adel Guitouni

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 430 250-721-6428

Kerstin Heilgenberg of the Gustavson School of Business

Kerstin Heilgenberg

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: BEC 420 250-853-3573

Gustavson researcher Aloysius Marcus Kahindi

Aloysius Marcus Kahindi

Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair in International Sustainable Development

Office: BEC 240 250-472-5968

Kimball Ketsa of the Gustavson School of Business

Kimball Ketsa

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: BEC 226 250-853-3870

Gustavson researcher Jan Kietzmann

Jan Kietzmann


Office: BEC 214

Michael King of the Gustavson School of Business

Michael King

Associate Professor; Lansdowne Chair in Finance

Office: BEC 246 250-721-6425

Gustavson faculty member Brian Leacock

Brian Leacock

Associate Teaching Professor; Director, Gustavson International

Office: BEC 272 250-721-6434

Gustavson researcher Andie Lee

Andie Lee

Assistant Professor

Office: BEC 202 250-472-4926

Gustavson researcher Zhi Lu

Zhi Lu

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 216 250-472-5960

Gustavson faculty member Brent Mainprize

Brent Mainprize

Teaching Professor; Faculty Champion (Business) for National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development; Director of Indigenous Programs, Executive Programs

Office: BEC 224 250-588-1172

Gustavson researcher Basma Majerbi

Basma Majerbi

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 244 250-472-4281

Gustavson faculty member Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell

Assistant Teaching Professor; Academic Director, Daytime and Weekend MBA Programs

Office: BEC 276 250-472-5653

Gustavson researcher Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 434 250-853-3868

Gustavson researcher Sudhir Nair

Sudhir Nair

Associate Professor; Academic Director, PhD program

Office: BEC 431 250-721-6414

Sang Nam of the Gustavson School of Business

Sang Nam

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 220 250-721-6402

Ignace Ng of the Gustavson School of Business

Ignace Ng


Office: BEC 428 250-721-6073

Gustavson researcher Andrew Park

Andrew Park

Assistant Professor

Office: BEC 412 250-721-8209

Gustavson faculty member Alison Parker

Alison Parker

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: BEC 424

Gustavson researcher Simon Pek

Simon Pek

Associate Professor; UVic President's Chair

Office: BEC 476 250-472-5349

Heather Ranson of the Gustavson School of Business

Heather Ranson

Associate Teaching Professor; Associate Director, Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation

Office: BEC 208 250-721-6112

Gustavson faculty member Sorin Rizeanu

Sorin Rizeanu

Assistant Professor

Office: BEC 478 250-472-5382

Gustavson researcher Yan Shen

Yan Shen

Associate Professor; Academic Director, MGB Program

Office: BEC 444 250-721-6312

Linda Shi of the Gustavson School of Business

Linda Hui Shi

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 210 250-721-6408

Gustavson researcher Natalie Slawinski

Natalie Slawinski

Professor; Director, Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI)

Office: BEC 432

Claudia Smith of the Gustavson School of Business

Claudia Smith

Assistant Professor

Office: BEC 264

Gustavson's J. Brock Smith

J. Brock Smith


Office: BEC 232 250-721-6070

Stuart Snaith of the Gustavson School of Business

Stuart Snaith

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 238 250-721-6646

Gustavson's Douglas Stuart

Douglas Stuart

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: BEC 422 250-472-4718

Christian Van Buskirk from the Gustavson School of Business

Christian Van Buskirk

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: BEC 262 250-472-4845

Liana Victorino of the Gustavson School of Business

Liana Victorino

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 452 250-721-6400

Hao Zhang of the Gustavson School of Business

Hao Zhang

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 256 250-853-3871

Jie Zhang of the Gustavson School of Business

Jie Zhang

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 450 250-472-5736

Gustavson researcher Sarah Zheng

Sarah Zheng

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 438 250-853-3217