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Jan Kietzmann

Gustavson researcher Jan Kietzmann


Office: BEC 214
BCom, University of Victoria; Master of Electronic Commerce (First Class), Dalhousie University; PhD in Management, Information Systems and Innovation Group, The London School of Economics
Area of expertise:
Innovation management, emerging technologies


Jan Kietzmann received his PhD in 2007 from the London School of Economics. After 12 years at the Beedie School of Business at SFU,  Jan joined the Gustavson School of Business at UVic in 2018.

As a professor of innovation & information systems, Jan's research interests combine organizational and social perspectives related to new and emerging technologies. Jan’s current research projects include such phenomena as social media, artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, user-generated content, gamification and sharing economies. Jan is perhaps best known for his award-winning 2011 article Social media? Get serious! Understanding the functional building blocks of social media

Jan, who has a passionate interest in teaching, likes to incorporate emerging technological inventions and innovations into his graduate and undergraduate innovation & information systems courses. In his spare time, Jan enjoys spending time with family, playing disc-golf and exploring BC. 


Courses taught

  • Technology & the Interconnected Organization (MBA)
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems (BCom)

Selected publications

Journal publications

Kietzmann, J., Lee, L. W., McCarthy, I. P., & Kietzmann, T. C. (2020). Deepfakes: Trick or Treat? Business Horizons

Paschen, J., Kietzmann, J., & Kietzmann, T. (2019). Artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for market knowledge in B2B marketing. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing34(7), 1401–1419.

Dabirian, A., Berthon, P., & Kietzmann, J. (2019). Enticing the IT crowd: employer branding in the information economy. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing34(7), 1403–1409.

Flostrand, A., Pitt, L., & Kietzmann, J. (2019). Fake news and brand management: a Delphi study of impact, vulnerability and mitigation. Journal of Product & Brand Management

Pitt, C., Plangger, K., Botha, E., Kietzmann, J., & Pitt, L. (2019). How Employees engage with B2B Brands on Social Media: Word Choice and Verbal Tone. Industrial Marketing Management4(61), 635–642.

Dabirian, A., Paschen, J., & Kietzmann, J. (2019). Employer Branding: Understanding Employer Attractiveness of IT Companies. IT Professional21(1), 82–89.

Marder, B., Gattig, D., Collins, E., Pitt, L., Kietzmann, J., & Erz, A. (2019). The Avatar’s new clothes: Understanding why players purchase non-functional items in free-to-play games. Computers in Human Behavior91, 72–83.

Kietzmann, J., Paschen, J., & Treen, E. (2018). Artificial Intelligence in Advertising: How Marketers Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence Along the Consumer Journey. Journal of Advertising Research58(3), 263–267.

Pitt, C., Mulvey, M., & Kietzmann, J. (2018). Quantitative insights from online qualitative data: An example from the health care sector. Psychology & Marketing35(12), 1010–1017.

Baccarella, C. V., Wagner, T. F., Kietzmann, J. H., & McCarthy, I. P. (2018). Social media? It’s serious! Understanding the dark side of social media. European Management Journal36(4), 431–438.

Archer-Brown, C., & Kietzmann, J. (2018). Strategic knowledge management and enterprise social media. Journal of Knowledge Management22(6), 1288–1309.

Berthon, P., Pitt, L., & Kietzmann, J. (2015). CGIP: Managing Consumer Generated Intellectual Property. California Management Review57(4), 43–62.

Awards & grants



  • Hawaiian International Conference on Systems Science, Funded by UVic Office of Research Services (January 1, 2020), awarded December 18, 2019 ($1,250.00), Completed, Spring 2020, PI Jan Kietzmann
  • Travel grant/honorarium , Funded by Business Horizons, Associate Editor (September 1, 2019), awarded September 1, 2019 ($2,500.00), Completed, Fall 2019, PI Jan Kietzmann
  • The Role of Technology in Online Child Sexual Exploitation, Funded by Gustavson Executive Program Research Grant (April 1, 2019), awarded April 1, 2019 ($2,500.00), Completed, Summer 2019, PI Jan Kietzmann
  • Wearables Research, Funded by Advanced Practices Council of the Society for Information Management (April 1, 2019), awarded April 1, 2019 ($5,000.00), Completed, Spring 2019, PI Jan Kietzmann