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Andrew Park

Gustavson researcher Andrew Park

Assistant Professor

Office: BEC 412 250-721-8209
Area of expertise:
Information systems, biotechnology management, personalized medicine, bioinformatics, software engineering


Andrew Park, PhD is the assistant professor of information systems at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria. He has founded and sold a successful health technology venture based in Seattle, Washington. He then returned to academia, where he is currently investigating how open innovation mechanisms impact value creation of firms within the emerging personalized medicine innovation ecosystem. His work has been published in interdisciplinary journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Research-Technology Management, the Journal of Medicine & Philosophy and the Journal of Engineering & Technology Management, spanning the diverse fields of medicine, biotechnology and digital innovation. Andrew is also part of a national network of innovation scholars evaluating ecosystem models that accelerate the trajectory of science & technology innovations to foster strong economic development in Canada.

Selected publications

Journal publications


Park, A., Steel, D., & Maine, E. (forthcoming). Evidence-Based Medicine and Mechanistic Evidence: The Case of the Failed Rollout of efavirenz in Zimbabwe. The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.


Park, A., Berthon, P., Kietzmann J., & Pitt, L. (2022). CRISPR: What Managers Need to Know About the Emerging Genetic Revolution. California Management Review Insights.

Park, A., Goudarzi, A., Yaghmaie, P. et al. Rapid response through the entrepreneurial capabilities of academic scientists. Nature Nanotechnology (2022). 

Park, A., Kietzmann, J., Pitt, L., & Dabirian, A. (2022). The evolution of nonfungible tokens: Complexity and novelty of nft use-cases. IT Professional, 24(1), 9-14.

Pitt, C., Park, A., & McCarthy, I. (2021). A bibliographic analysis of 20 years of research on innovation and new product development in technology and innovation management (TIM) journals. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management.

Feng, C. M., Park, A., Montecchi, M., & Plangger, K. (2021). Entrepreneurship in the Sharing Economy: A Bibliographic Perspective. International Review of Entrepreneurship.

Park, A., Treen, E., Pitt, L., & Chan, A. (2021). Brand stories in marketing: a bibliographic perspective. Journal of Strategic Marketing.

Park, A., Jabagi, N., & Kietzmann, J. (2020). The truth about 5G: It’s not (only) about downloading movies faster! Business Horizons.

Park, A., Montecchi, M., Feng, C., Plangger, K. A., & Pitt, L. F. (2020). Understanding Fake News: A Bibliographic Perspective. Defense Strategic Communications.

Jabagi, N., Park, A., & Kietzmann, J. (2020). The 5G Revolution: Expectations Versus Reality. IT Professional22(6), 8–15.

Feng, C. M., Park, A., Pitt, L., Kietzmann, J., & Northey, G. (2020). Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: A bibliographic perspective. Australasian Marketing Journal.

Brown, T., Park, A., & Pitt, L. (2020). A 60-Year Bibliographic Review of the Journal of Advertising Research. Journal of Advertising Research.

Shum, V., Park, A., Maine, E., & Pitt, L. F. (2019). A Bibliometric Study of Research­ Technology Management, 1998-2017. Research-Technology Management62(1), 34–43.

Hughes, A., Park, A., Kietzmann, J., & Archer-Brown, C. (2019). Beyond Bitcoin: What Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Mean for Firms. Business Horizons62(3), 273–281.

Awards & grants


In Progress

  • “Partnership for the Organization of Innovation and New Technologies”. Funded by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2019). PI Catherine Beaudry, collaborator Andrew Park.

  • "Bioinformatics tools to enable federated, real time genomic epidemiology data sharing and analysis in a one health framework." Funded by Genome Canada (September 30, 2018) ($1,164,486). PI William Hsiao, other Andrew Park.