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Ricardo Flores

Gustavson researcher Ricardo Flores

Associate Professor

Office: BEC 408 250-472-4810
BSc in Petroleum Engineering, UNC (Argentina); MBA in International Finance, University of Illinois; PhD in Business Administration & Organizational Theory/IB, University of Illinois
Area of expertise:
Management education, organization theory and development, international business and global strategy, international management, intercultural competence development, DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) training and development, leadership development, sustainable corporate strategy, sustainability and organizations, values-driven leadership, responsible leadership, organizational and corporate purpose


Ricardo was born and raised in Argentina but has lived and worked in the US and Australia before settling in 2017 in Victoria.

His primary research interest is further understanding how organizations respond to and proactively shape their institutional environments. His research is typically focused at the organizational level and uses institutional theory as a primary lens. Dr. Flores believes that organizations are a critical part of our world because they are powerful tools that allow individuals to coordinate action and combine resources for various purposes. As such, they can transform the communities and societies in which they are embedded. Organizations also matter because most people spend much of their lives within them, shaping their livelihoods, identities, careers and ideals. For these reasons, understanding why organizations behave the way they do and the consequences of such actions is essential to human beings and the future of our societies.

Ricardo usually teaches courses in strategic management, international business, business ethics, leadership, intercultural competence, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). He is a committed member of the civil society within Vancouver Island and the broader province, volunteering and contributing to multiple institutions linked to social development, poverty reduction and immigrant support. He regularly consults and provides training on leadership, intercultural competence, and DEI to local, national, and international corporations, foundations, charities and government agencies.


Courses taught

    • International Business (BCom & MBA)
    • International Strategy (MBA)
    • Strategic Management (BCom)
    • Inclusive Leadership (BCom)
    • Organizational Theory (PhD)

Selected publications

Journal publications

Kraatz, M, Flores, R., Chandler, D. (2020) The value of values for institutional analysis. Academy of Management Annals14(2), 474-512

Bliemel, M., Flores, R., de Klerk, S., Miles, M. (2019). Accelerators as start-up infrastructure for entrepreneurial clusters. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development31(1-2), 133-149.

Aguilera, R., Flores, R., Kim, J.U. (2015). Re-examining regional borders and the multinational enterprise. Multinational Business Review23(4), 374-394.

Kraatz, M., & Flores, R. (2015). Reinfusing values. Institutions and Ideals: Philip Selznick’s legacy for organizational studies. Research in the Sociology of Organizations44, 353-381.

Kraatz, M. S., & Flores, R. (2015). Introduction to “Institutions and Ideals: Philip Selznick’s legacy for organizational studies”. Research in the Sociology of Organizations44, 1-7.

Flores, R., Aguilera, R., Vaaler, P., Mahdian, A. (2013). How well do supra-national regional grouping schemes fit International Business research models? Journal of International Business Studies, 44(5), 451-474.

Flores, R., & Aguilera, R. (2007). Globalization and location choice: An analysis of U.S. multinational firms in 1980 and 2000. Journal of International Business Studies38(7), 1187-1210.

Books & Book Chapters

Flores, R. & Bauman, A. Group and Team Work (2024). Teaching Methods in Business Book Series, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bliemel, M., D’Alessandro, S., de Klerk, S., Flores, R., Harrison, G. and Miles, M.P. (2021). The value of mentors: A brief note on accelerator managers’ perspectives. In Mian, S. A., Klofsten, M., & Lamine, W. (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Business and Technology Incubation: A Global Perspective (pp. 464-477). Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bliemel, M., de Klerk, S., Flores, R. and Miles, M.P. (2018) Emergence of Accelerators and Accelerator Policy: The Case of Australia. In Wright. M. and Drori. I. (Eds.) Accelerators (pp. 162-187). Edgar Elgar Publishing.

Aguilera, R., Flores, R., & Vaaler, P. (2007). Is it all a matter of grouping? Examining the regional effect in global strategy research. In S. Tallman (Ed.), A New Generation in International Strategic Management (pp. 209-228). Edward Elgar Publishing.

Vaaler, P., Flores, R., & Aguilera, R. (2007). New methods for ex-post. In D. J. Ketchen, & D. D. Bergh (Eds.), Research Methodology in Strategy and Management Vol. 4 (pp. 161-190). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Awards & grants

Recognition & awards

  • 2016—2026: Editorial Board, Journal of Management Studies
  • 2023: Gustavson’s Excellence in Service Award, University of Victoria
  • 2023: Outstanding Service Award, MED Division, AOM
  • 2018: Outstanding Reviewer for Multinational Business Review in the Literati Awards
  • 2016: Outstanding Paper. Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence
  • 2016: Outstanding Author Contribution. Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence
  • 2014: Finalist, Australian Awards for Teaching Excellence, Commonwealth Govt. of Australia
  • 2013: Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, UNSW, Australia
  • 2006, 2008 & 2009: Recipient, Teaching Excellence Award, University of Illinois, USA
  • 2008: Best Reviewer Award, Technology & Innovation Management Division, AOM
  • 2006: Best Interactive Paper Award. Organizational Development & Change Division, AOM


  • How Local Institutions Shape Sustainable Procurement Across Canada, multiple funders: Gustavson Executive Programs Research Grant ($2,500); Magnet's Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), Canadian Federal Government ($10,000); Gustavson Executive Programs Research Grant ($2,500); 2021/2022 Internal Research and Creative Project Grant, University of Victoria ($6,854); 2021/2022 Gustavson Research Overhead Fund Grant ($2,500). CoPI Kristin Brandl, 2020-2022. 
  • Development of Cross-cultural Competence: Factors and Process, Funded by Gustavson Executive Program Research Grant (GEPRG) (2019-2020), awarded April 30, 2019 ($2,500.00), Funded - In Progress, Spring 2019, CoPI Maria Carmen Galang with CoPI Brian Leacock, CoPI Ricardo Flores
  • Organizing for Social Impact to Address Grand Societal Challenges, Funded by UNSW Australia Business School (2016) , Completed, Spring 2016, ($1,000), CoInvestigator Ricardo Flores with CoInvestigator J Lok, CoInvestigator M Hoellerer, CoInvestigator H Hwang, CoInvestigator K-H Yu, CoInvestigator E-Y Song, CoInvestigator M Dallas, CoInvestigator A Ghazinoori, CoInvestigator D Seebacher, CoInvestigator M Bartenberger
  • Are accelerators all the same? Insights from the Australian Innovation Ecosystem, Funded by Department of Industry & Science, Commonwealth Government of Australia (2015) ($5,000.00), Completed, Spring 2015, CoPI M Bliemel (60%) with CoPI Ricardo Flores (40%)
  • Technology disruption and the role of Radiologists: A comparative case between the US & UK. (January 1, 2013) ($10,000.00), Completed, Spring 2013, PI Ricardo Flores (100%)