Maria Iankilevitch

Maria Iankilevitch
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: COR A250

Ph.D. 2020 (University of Toronto) Joined Department in 2021

My primary focus is on undergraduate teaching in the areas of statistics, research methods, and social psychology. I am mainly interested in improving students’ educational experiences by considering the classroom environment, interpersonal interactions, course content and activities, and course assessments. I am also interested in understanding how members of different social groups relate to each other and, in particular, how stereotypes and prejudices may affect intergroup relations. As a teaching professor, I do not supervise graduate students.


  • Teaching of Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Psychology of Intergroup Relations
  • Psychology of Relationships

Representative publications

Iankilevitch, M. (forthcoming). Intergroup Relations course: Making the move from in-person to online. In J. Cerniak, M. Wong, & L. Rosen (Eds.), Teaching Psychology Online. To appear on the Society for the Teaching of Psychology website:

Iankilevitch, M. (2020). Diversity/global learning: Intergroup conflict analysis and interventions assignment. In A. Schwartz & R. L. Miller (Eds.), High impact educational practices: A review of best practices with illustrative examples. Retrieved from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology website:

Iankilevitch, M., Cary, L. A., Remedios, J. D., & Chasteen, A. L. (2020). How do multiracial and monoracial people categorize multiracial faces? Social Psychological and Personality Science, 11(5), 688-696. 

Chasteen, A. L., Iankilevitch, M., Schiralli, J., & Bergstrom, V. (2018). Critical role of social-cognitive age representations. In B. Knight (Ed), Oxford Encyclopedia of Psychology and Aging. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Chasteen, A. L., Cary, L. A., & Iankilevitch, M. (2017). Age stereotyping and discrimination. In N. Pachana (Ed), Encyclopedia of Geropsychology (pp. 96-104). Singapore: Springer.