Dr. Patrick von Aderkas

Dr. Patrick von Aderkas
Office: PCH 052a

Areas of research focus

  • Evolution of reproduction in gymnosperms
  • Experimental embryogenesis of conifers
  • Proteomics of gymnosperm sexual fluids

The study of evolution of plant reproduction by seed begins with pollen-ovule interactions. In gymnosperms, e.g. conifers and cycads, pollen delivered by wind or animals is captured by a pollination drop . By looking at the chemical profiles of these drops, researchers in my lab hae discovered a number of adaptations involved in eithe defense and rewards.

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Centre for Forest Biology

  • BIOL 184 – Evolution and Diversity
  • BIOL 325 – Tree Biology
  • BIOL 326 – Development and Genetics of Model Plants
  • BIOL 334 – Plants and People
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