Jon Woodend

Jon Woodend
Assistant Professor
Office: MacLaurin A458

BSc, MSc, PhD (Calgary)

Area of expertise

Counselling Psychology

  • Career Development

  • International Transitions

  • Newcomers' adjustment and wellbeing

  • Counsellor training and skill development 

  • Counselling (individual/group)

  • Qualitative research methods

For his research program, Jon works with newcomers including immigrant workers, international students and their accompanying partners, and people from refugee backgrounds to support policy, programming, and practice for meaningful international career transitions.

Below are selected works from Jon's research program and a comprehensive list can be found on his Google Scholar page.
Journal Articles
Arthur, N., Woodend, J., Gust, L., Dyrda, A., & Dang, J. (2022). It’s not as easy as they say: International students’ perspectives about gaining Canadian work experience. Canadian Journal of Career Development, 21(2), 42–58.
Arthur, N., Lei, D., & Woodend, J. (2022). From near and afar: International secondary school students’ career influences. Journal of Career Development
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Books and Book Chapters
Woodend, J., & Gust, L. (2021). Key career development practises in Canadian higher education institutions. In A. J. Albien (Ed.), International perspectives. DvB.
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Other Works
Woodend, J. (2021). Counselling with international students [Learning activity with video]. In G. Ko, M. Anderson, S. Collins, & Y. Yasynskyy (Eds.), Fostering responsive therapeutic relationships: Repositioning microskills and techniques in service of just conversations. Counselling Concepts.
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Woodend, J. (2015, January). Book review [Review of the book Danger and opportunity: Bridging cultural diversity for competitive advantage, by L. Laroche & C. Yang]. Careering.